Metroid Prime 3:Reborn

I can’t wait until Metroid Prime 3:Reborn come out. I think its going to come out sometime afther march and I will find out more about the game. The planet that this game is on is Zebees. I hope that the new game has new weapons in it that don’t need ammo to use.

Isn’t MP3 supposed to be…on the revolution? And if so, the revolution is supposed to come out summer 2006. And I haven’t even heard anything on the name either…

Oooh, it has a name now? I thought it was still just MP3.
And I sure hope it will be coming out a lot farther through next year. March seems way too early. I don’t want a rushed Metroid game for the Revo, especially before what sounds like the Revo will even come out.

Edit: Er… Yeah, what CloudVaris said…

I would like MP3 releases at early 2007 or summer 2007… Just to gives enough time to make it

I’m pretty sure that dark suit made that name up, and if he didn’t someone at Retro will definitely be getting fired for making that crapy name >_>

Like the others said, I hope that Retro takes their time with MP3. This is their big chance to show what they can do on the revolution. They had better not waste it.

Sounds like this guy just got a bunch of info from a rumors site and took it as gospel. That or he made it up to look cool. >_>

troid92 is right I think they rush Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, my game is mess up and it freeze or the game just stops running I took the first one back but the second one mess up to not as bad as the first one that I got. I just hope that Metroid Prime 3: Reborn does not mess up or freeze when playing it.
And here the site I went to

It’s scary how many times you are right Daz, you know that? :wink:

In any case, that site is total bullsh*t. That picture is nothing more than a photoshop edit of the Echoes Varia suit, and a horrible edit at that.

Mabye Dark_Samus is right, The New Phazon suit is a prototype on that page I put a link to. And I hope that the new Phazon suit is different colors than that.

That’s not a phazon suit. That’s a gallery image from Echoes with new colors. This guy is an idiot who’s trying to trick gullible fools like yourself. Besides, if he really worked for Retro, he wouldn’t risk leaking data or else he’d lose his job. It’d be too easy for them to find out. Plus there’s no motive for him to do it… That, and the game will NOT take place on Zebes… And even if you still are too dense to believe that the image is not real? Note the copyright logo for one thing. It doesn’t even use Retro’s logo.

uh, you mean gosip, and not gospel, right?
and DS is right about the edit. I could do a better edit then that…
And another thing. You think that if this guy worked at Retro, he’d be making it on He’d have his own website, or at least not a free Blog.
Edit: And something else. Why in gods name would someone that works at retro upload his pictures to imageshack?

No, I meant gospel. If he took it as gossip, he wouldn’t consider it truthful. >_>

eh, ok, makes enough sense.

Just never heard gospel used that way…

another thing how can it be reborn when it hasent even come out yet?
exactly the point im tryin to make
yeah. <(^.^)> Kirby

Daz is right the suit on there is not the phazon suit its MP2E recolored version of the vaira suit. That site is noting but lies. I think I am gowing to get info from IGN or Nintendo Power you know that some site may lie all the time.

Still, its hard to believe you even thought that was real.
Similar case: Some loser on the internet said he was
selling the full version of Metroid Prime Hunters.
The dork said it was the full version yet he called it
“Metroid prime hunters FIRST HUNT!”. These people
are so inexpierenced its sad! The guy provited screenshots
and they all had IGN logo on them, and they where screens from first hunt…
What morons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dragon thats realy funny. its also kinda embarasing to ign becauese there so STuPId sometimes.

hey, STKGatherer, he meant reborn as a title, not a remake of MP3. Meaning it probably had something to do with the rebirth of Metroid Prime, or Dark Samus, or something.

CloudVaris is right the ending of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes if you get 100% you can see Dark Samus forming back together again. Anyway who want to make a remak of MP3:Reborn and they don’t know all the enemys,allies,backgrounds and Samus Arans new weopons look like.

Umm…I think you are gonna have some trouble making a remake of a game that ISN’T EVEN OUT YET! :unamused:

Secondly, the only people who could possibly pull off making a MP3 remake would be the P2D team, and I seriously doubt they would ever even start to make a 2D echoes much less a 2D MP3.