Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

what would metroid prime 3 have in it? dark samus or the space pirates rediling zesbes

I heard it is called Metroid Prime 3: Reborn.
And I also heard the source of the Phazon
is from planet Zebees (sp?). my friend told me,
although I doubt it. Is this true?

there’s a hole topic for “reborn”:

In Metroid Prime 1, in a pirate research log, they say they’re trying to revive Mother Brain with phason. So, maybe they do and you gotta fight Mother Brain again.

What? No log ever mentioned MB and Phazon together… they just said they were trying to revive her on Zebes. But they wouldn’t have another game on Zebes, plus there’s no Phazon on Zebes, plus Zebes couldn’t be rebuilt again in time for SM most likely, so no, it won’t be on Zebes either, to answer the other question posted. xD

Thanks for corrcting me. I guess they weren’t using phason to revive Mother Brain

New beams, new upgrades, KRAID !!! and some other new things

and the graphics will rock for sure man!

I’m not all for old characters in new games. I think Kraid shouldn’t be in Prime 3. I’m all for not having doors in some places, flying the ship rarely until a giant creature destroys it XD, and ofcourse real Metroids! (The ZM ones that turn invisible and pronce on you and that do a shit load of dammage. That would be freaky in 3D.) I think open spaces would be cool too. You would look down and all you see is space, like in Prime 2.

They need to make it more like FEAR.
Think of this.









Pretty sweet huh? 8)

or a sentence (would be much cooler):



Trancfers (dunno how to spell)





lol, I made a sentence of M.E.T.R.O.I.D

No. They don’t.

Go on…

“FEAR” only stands for whatever it stands for in that game.

“METROID” is actually the name of a creature in the Metroid games. It shouldn’t have to stand for anything.

Not to mention Metroid already HAS a meaning. >_> Ultimate warrior, anyone?

Daz is right about the ultimate warrior. and does anyone know when the NR and MP3 come out? :confused:

i think they are aproximating of the SM time line,so now samus will use the grapple beam in the arm-cannon, the misiles will actualy be solid and not made of blinking energy and you will be able to use the speed booster (mp2 showed the screw atack right?)

aproximating of the SM time line? a hole game is between MP3 and SM!

and what “the misiles will actualy be solid and not made of blinking energy”, I thought the missles was solid!

and how tha h**l would speed booster work?

solid? misiles from metroid prime? i think you being playing some other game and confused with metroid man, in the gamecube version the regular misile is a blue light,and the supermisile is an energy ball that turns in a even bigger energy ball when colide with other thing

I’m sure it’s still going to be the same. Zero-Mission still had the speed booster, and the solid missles and it was before prime, so prime 3 will most likely be the same.

no ofense but,i deeply hope you wrong