Metroid Prime 1 and 2 gets Wii Makeover

My Nintendo mag just got here and i was reading the news and
GC Resurrection

Nintendo announced that they will be Re-Making GC Games With Wii Controll Here Are The Confirmed Games: Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, Pikmin, Metroid Prime 1&2, Mario Tennis and Chibi-Robo.

It has also been made clear that retro studios will make mp1 mp2 for wii.

Just think about mp1 and mp2 how much more stuff they could have for example in mp2 no beam ammo, mp1 screw attack,more wepons, more abillities.

Can’t wait.

MC :smiley:

Old, old news?

They’re not about to change the structure of the games entirely - it’s a port, not a full recreation.

How did I miss this? I’ve wanted this since…I saw this:

And even if they don’t do all the graphics over, port some stuff from 3 and I’d be happy.


I really need to get my Wii fixed. I’ve been hoping for that for a long time, and Pikmin too? Yay!

Also, fuck changing them like that. Ammo is an absolutely integral part of MP2, and MP1 wasn’t built to have the screw attack… maybe putting it in as a well-hidden optional bonus would be okay, but it just doesn’t belong beyond that. <_<

Now, adding optional superbosses, redesigning some stuff to be more consistent, etc? That’d be great, IMO.

Maybe have the option to play through the section of the Mines they cut out and the boss fight with Kraid? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Yay…lucky 500! :smiley:

Edit 'gain: :frowning: it appears that the graphics are not going be upgraded, other than wide-screen support… also, little chance of added anything.

Oh well. It’s already just about the best damn game ever made, who needs to change it?

I’d definitely have liked to see Kraid though.

Here did you get that fantastic Box art ??


its from FYI, its fake.

Yeah…but one can always hope. :smiley:
Cuz unless it’s a 3-disk set, I will not be buying Echoes.

I’d buy that just to look at it :3

Maybe they can add stuff about what happen when the Leviathans hit Tallon IV and Aether like a video sequences or something.

^^I lyke wut hee sed^^
Can’t wait. Please include Prime 2’s multiplayer with Wii controls! :blush:

Split screen would be really hard to play :confused: .
I just want to play metroid prime 2 with wii controls :O_O: .

Eh…I think it wouldn’t really be that hard. The way I see it, Nintendo has three choices on how to go about MP2’s Multiplayer.

  1. They completely scrap it (lame option)
  2. You point at your half of the screen, and the Wii just compensates by having the sensor bar view your Wii-mote with that half of the TV.
  3. You point at the screen the way you would if you’re playing single player, but you’re just missing half of the size of the screen.

Personally, I would prefer option 3. Then I just have to look at half the screen while keeping the way I play the same. But considering I never play MP2 multiplayer with anyone anyway, I doubt that popping in Wii controls will make me and my friends suddenly leap at the opportunity to beat the crap out of each other in a game that never should have had Multiplayer in the first place.

Oh ok cool in that case I just hope they redo multiplayer I mean it was ok but it could have been a lot better like more maps and maybe some more play modes :wink:

Well, in my opinion, MP2’s multiplayer never should’ve existed. Metroid has always been a single player experience. Tossing in Multiplayer feels like they’re trying to open up Metroid’s boundaries, but in the wrong way. I applaud expanding a game’s boundaries, but only if they maintain what the games before them set down as the tried and true method.

I view adding Multiplayer to Metroid the way I would view Bungie taking online multiplayer out of Halo for a longer, more immersive campaign. It’s not necessarily a bad change or add-on, but you’re taking away from the fundamentals of the series. Metroid=Single Player in the same way that Halo=Multiplayer.

This is also the reason I don’t really like MP:H. It was good, but the story felt more like a cop-out rather than an actual Metroid game. But MP:H was sold as a Multiplayer game, so I think that this makes up for the “bad” story.

MP2, however, was sold as a Single player game. I think that adding Multiplayer to MP2 wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I felt that time spent on the Multiplayer aspect of MP2 could’ve been better spent on the Single player aspect.

but the time spent on multiplayer in prime2 did not hurt the storymode I think that metroid prime 2 has the the best storymode of all the prime games :slight_smile:

No, it didn’t hurt the story at all, you’re right. MP2 had a very good story. However, imagine if all the time spent on Multiplayer had been focused on Single Player. MP2’s Single Player had a lot of potential that was put into Multiplayer instead.

that is very hard to do :O_O:
I guess you right but I still like playing the mutiplayer mode.
:>_>: (I PWN! my friends)

Truth be told, I don’t think they spent a large amount of time on the multiplayer <_<

By the way, fingers crossed for over-the-internet style multiplayer, solves the split screen issue somewhat.

Metroid Prime:Hunters pretty much WAS a multiplayer game with a lame story tacked on… similar to Unreal Tournament. Or Halo.
… <_<

Heh, I saw the 3 disk set thing, and got a little sad… already bought Metroid Prime 3, it’d be like getting the same game again.

Then I realized I DIDN’T buy Metroid Prime 3. I just borrowed it from a friend for about six months.
I actually can’t wait for this, considering my Prime 2 data got corrupt and I lost Prime 1 forever ago. I wouldn’t mind playing through them again, especially with new controls and sexy add-ons and new graphics. (I mean, they’re not gonna waste all the extra disk space.) Hopefully they DO come out with a 3-disk set. I would say they’d be missing a big and very obvious opportunity not to, but I’ve said the same thing before, and… well… opportunities have been missed.