Metroid Pinball!

I was checking my nintendo account and i did a search on the keyword ‘Metroid’
as soon as the results came up i saw ‘Metroid Pinball’
i was like what the!???
it was announced so i guess its just in the beginning stages now
man they make everything into pinball games

I thought I mentioned this one in another topic. Anyway we’ll just have to wait and see what it looks like before judging it.

oh is it on another topic?
im not really judging it though
im not saying its going to be bad
i was picturing it in my head and i thought it would look cool

Naw, they had topics on it at SCU.

And I’ll just say this: Don’t bash it 'til you’ve tried it. Metroid is their second most mature and advanced series, they’re not going to just put a Marumari into pinball and call it a new game. I have a feeling this will be quite innovative. Perhaps like Sonic Spinball–an exploration pinball game. Only less…you know… suck. Maybe she got stuck in ball form from a glitch or maybe you get to explore whe n not as a ball. Who knows.

That`s pretty much what all articles on this subject say. It was started with this document in the EB games database.

News from the big N.

Mario Pinball was not so good. The graphics were choice for the GBA, but everything else was sub-par. Hopefully Nintendo will correct their mistakes in this game.

It’s for DS and it’s Metroid so I don’t see many problems occuring.

wonder if they gonna do a pinball of a metroid

I hope it’s actually Metroid Pinball, and not just Pinball with the Metroid franchise tacked on.

And now that it’s released, we shall bump this topic. :3

It is, DBS. It’s very, very Metroid. Bombs, missiles, walljumps, bosses, artifact hunting, power bombs, health orbs, scanning… s’all there. Obviously changed quite a bit due to the pinball formula, but they most definitely did not just take a generic pinball game and stick Metroid sprites in there.

i just noticed this but some of u may have already. after uve beaten the game and u play single mission, in metroid mania, the wonderful force ball will appear on the rails. it may happen in other modes but i only just noticed this 30 seconds ago.

Didnt I already make this topic, perhaps I just deleted it…

Its not pinball with a Metroid twist only, its ‘Metroid Prime Pinball’, not ‘Metroid Pinball’, meaning its Metroid Prime, if it were a pinball game, wich i find strange and disapointing, I would perfer to see Kraid instead of Thardus in there…

All of the creatures, bosses, and areas are from MP, not any other metroid game, I mean wouldnt it be cool to see Emperor Ing in there too, and ofcourse Mother Brain would rule!?

222’nd post, im EVIL!!! :smiling_imp:

They didn’t use bosses like Kraid because it would be nearly impossible to fight a boss like that in morph ball… :unamused:

You have a point there but what is it really like? I don’t have a DS so I must know before I go get one.

It’s like the baby of Metroid Prime, Pinball, and a few random minigames. :stuck_out_tongue:

Troid: No, they kept Kraid out because Kraid is not in Prime. <_<

Well, yes, that too.

Still, why cant it be Metroid Pinball? I would absolutly love to see the Mother of darkness Mother Brain in there, that would be SWEEET! :laughing:

Because Prime is better. :stuck_out_tongue:

when i first heard the game, i wasnt interested because i kept thinking about a normal pinball machine.
But i saw videos and screenshots, seems relistic and cool!
and actaully has a plot and sick gameplay
unlike other pinballs where you only have to get highscores