Metroid Phazon's Brother

i need a lot of help with this. this game is about Samus finding a new similar, yet stronger source of phazon (the name will be said in teh game). can anyone help? if u can go HERE and then go to teh forums section. thanx! and teh demo (although it wont be tto good) will come out in December or January.

Yo flyinrooster, anyway I’m part of this game too, and we need a TON of sprites, and tilesets.

Wow, those Mega Man things…

Consider using the PSOne version of Mega Man if that’s what you’re planning on.

Also, what does ‘Phazon’s Brother’ signify?

Phazon’s Brother, duh! :whack: You need to study more… Okay, seriously, it’s like, a powerful element similar to Phazon… Right, flyinrooster?

Then you mean ‘sister.’ Sibling compounds are referred to as females. Parent compound creates daughter compounds. The daugther compounds are sister compounds.

And phazon isn’t an element, is it?

I don’t think it mentions it…

In MP2:E when you scan Phazon it says:

Element: Phazon
Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blee blah.

Or something like that.


yes, by all means u are correct. but i got teh idea from some GFAQs guys, when we made an RPG and it was called ‘Phazon’s Brother’. so i called it that. all tho this has almost no relevance to that besides teh name and teh phazonish substance, i thought it would make a great game! so i used teh name “Metroid: Phazon’s Brother”. there is teh story.


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Dude, people use teh all the time. It’s like asdf and pwnd, it makes no sense, but some ppl just like doing that. It think it all began with the “it’s so in teh varia” line.

Um, teh is way older than varia. It’s a common netword, not SCU-specific.

Yeah, its like internet slang.

Teh is generally a misspelling. This is the very first time I’ve seen someone a), use it this many times in a paragraph, and b), do it on purpose.

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most ppl i know say pwned on purpose, and y does it bother u so much that i say ‘teh’? it actually feels more comfortable (with ur fingers) so i write teh instead of the.

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So, go back on topic before I lock this stupid thread and deal some warnings for stupid spam.


is anyone gonna help me on my game? i need spriters, programmers, midi makers, etc. (just go to teh link in my sig, and go teh forums section. and if it kills u that much to hear me say it -58-, then here: the the the)

So what exactly are you doing yourself? >_> Just the story? You’re essentially asking for everything you need without offering anything to help with your own game, from what I can see.

im making the story, im making Samus sprites, i made the first demo (which sucked, and there isnt a second demo yet) im programming, etc. so wut do u mean “so wut r u doin ur self<_< making the story”? just cuz im not the best of spriters, programmers, or even demo makers (im good at story making tho), doesnt make it so im not doing anything except the stroy.

This is the 2nd time someone said F&%K! What is with this language?
But anyways, I might be able to help with your game.

cool! thanx! im glad someone can help!