Metroid: Phazon

1 week after the BSL incident

The rippling red jumpgate appeared, and a purple ship slid out as the gate closed. This ship belonged to Samus Aran, fugitive bounty hunter.

Samus looked over her shoulder, a useless gesture within a ship. “Are we safe now, Adam?”

“I think so. We are well out of Federation territory.” Adam, the ship’s computer, replied.

Samus relaxed. “Finally. I thought the Feds would chase us into a star.”

“You know, a lot of trouble would have been saved if you complied with the Federation’s demands.” Adam said. “After all,…”

“Yeah yeah. I know.” Samus snapped. “But honestly, how did they expect to wrangle a clone of me, let alone ten? The SA-X had everything I did from my last stint on Zebes. I got lucky when I killed it.” She looked at the console. “Where are we, anyway?”

“Checking…” Adam replied. “A system called Telgorn. Wait…” There was a pause as Adam scanned the system. “Oh dear.”

“Sounds like I’m about to hear something I don’t want to hear.”

“Samus, look at Telgorn III.”

Samus looked at the magnified image. “So? We’ve come across planets with loads of water before. How is this one different?” She looked at the radiation readings. “Oh hell no.”

“I’ve never seen radiation readings like that before.” Adam said.

“I have. That’s Phazon.” Samus looked closer at the readings. “Oh, look. More fun. The Space Pirates have a base there. Looks like they’re pretty well entrenched, too.”

“Okay. Let’s leave. Before they find us.”

“Without stopping to say ‘hi’? Where are your manners, Adam?” Samus said. She had a grim, determined look on her face.

An alarm sounded. “Samus, they found us! Let’s go!” Adam sounded worried.

A Space Pirate face came on the monitor. “Attention unidentified vessel, this is the Space Pirate frigate Kaladon. Surrender, or…” The Space Pirate trailed off when he saw Samus’ face. “Ah, the Hunter graces us with her presence.”

Samus flicked off the monitor. In one second, her ship was trapped in a tractor beam. Samus put on her helmet. “It’s been too long since I’ve killed a Pirate.”

Samus’ ship floated down onto the deck of the frigate. Samus dropped out of the entry and promptly blasted the nearest Space Pirates. The entire hangar looked at her, and began their attack. Skilled though she was, the Space Pirates overwhelmed Samus, forcing her to escape into the vents.

Samus checked her suit when she was safe from the Pirates. She found that nothing functioned but her Power Beam and Morph Ball. “Wonderful.” she muttered as she crawled through the vents. She knew she had to find Adam and a Phazon Suit if she was ever going to get rid of this Pirate infestation. And if this followed her previous adventures at all, a lot of things were going to explode.

Samus smiled. She liked when things exploded.

You’ll be getting the standard compliment of gear:

Power Beam
Wave Beam
Ice Beam
Plasma Beam
Super Missiles
Power Bombs
Charge Beam

Fusion Suit (the one you had at the end of Fusion)
Phazon Fusion Suit (the one you need to find on the frigate)

Morph Ball
Space Jump
Screw Attack
High Jump
Ball Jump
Grapple Beam (maybe)

Space Pirates
Elite Pirates
Omega Pirates (yes, that’s plural)
Phazon Elites (again, that is plural)
Beam Troopers
Fission Metroids
Hunter Metroids
Metroid 2 Metroids
Pirate Phazon experiments
Phazon critters (no Pirate interference)

Right now, I need someone who can make the engine and do the programming. Sounds will be ripped (as soon as I can find a program that does it), and so will some of the graphics. I will need to borrow the Omega Pirate, Elite Pirate, and Phazon Elite sprites from P2D. Most everything else graphics-wise will be ripped and edited. I’m learning GM6 right now, so bear with me.

Anyone wanting to help, send an e-mail to:, along with a sample of your work. I’ll post updates here, especially if I need more help.

Edit: I’ll also need good mappers pretty soon. Mail me if interested.

Edit 2: Screenies! These are not in-game (i have no engine to work with here), but made using various resources I have handy.



You like?

Note: Killed due to lack of programming. I’m learning C++ now, so I might come back and do all this in C++. Or, if I get around to learning it, GameMaker.

sounds good

I would program the game on the GM6 because that’s what I’m using but I’m already helping with other games and my own.

lol, if i knew how to program i would help… but im not that smart…

It’s just that I learn quickly and I’m quick to help. But there’s still a limit.

2 things wrong with that statement pal:

One: Daz wouldn’t let you use those to save your life.

Two: Even if he did let you, they aren’t even finished, and unless you plan on using phazon pirates that just stand still, I suggest you get someone to make you those from scratch.

I’m aware they aren’t finished. I was going to wait until they were done. But if Daz really won’t let me use them, I’ll need someone to make new ones, preferably different than P2D’s. I’ll figure something out.

I could do them…ill start monday and they all should be done by aug 6
(leaving to vocation)

I’d help u…

if i knew how any of this stuff worked. :cry:

Story sounds great though! :smiley:

the most weird thing abuot this game is: phazon = metroid prime series :stuck_out_tongue:

true, but that dosnt really mean you cant use it in other series

The Phazon meteors had to hit more places than just Tallon IV and Aether.

Samus’ Phazon Suit complete (mostly).

how do you make them?? (spriting, recoloring etc.)

you didnt have to double post chaos, and i cant see the image

Just click on the link he gave.

i did, still dosnt work
edit: nevermind, there it is, pretty nice

First, I downloaded the sprite sheet. Then, I grayscaled it in Photoshop, saved, took the Pencil tool in Paint, and recolored the proper pixels. Took awhile.

sounds cool. I’ll try and help with the custom pirate sprite thing.

Beam Troopers are complete. MH, send me an example of what you can do. I may have a sprite you can do. My e-mail’s on the front page.