Metroid: phazon origins

Hi, i have a good idea for a game, but im not to good with spriting and stuff. i can barely sprite, but i can rip!!!

first, before i ask anything, id like to say the plot:

After dealing with the SA-X, samus heads back to what remains of zebes to hide from the galactic federation. when samus gets there she discovers a map room. she downlaods the map and she finds its corrupted with phazon, but theres enough of the map to see were to go. she shows it to her computor adam, and they go to a galaxie called chozopiaca. there she found a planet, made completly of phazon. She thought she destroyed it! Next to it is an abandon space station. She goes to it. what she finds are phazon protection equipment, and a chozo in a room. She also sees a metroid with it. Samus goes to enter the room and the metroid morphs into samus!

“What? What is this??? What are you doing?”

“Relax, It’s just a mocktroid”

“They don’t morph.”

“Not all the names those pirates make themselves”

“so these will mimic oth_”

“only the chozo type beings, it wont heart them ethier” Samus enters the room and the metroid morphs back, floats up to her, and it rubs up against her.

“What are those suit upgrades for?”

“there phazon suits, all expemental, im to scared to try them until i know they work”

“ill Try!” Samus was very mad that there was still phazon “I thought that i destroyed all the phazon, after destroying the S-AX”

“fine, by the by, names raycole, i once knew your Chozo father”…

i realy need some programmers right now, plz help

if you could please help me, post yes and e-mail me at:

Edit: added more plot

umm…think more on ur plot to giv us a better idea of what ur thinkin.

There’s a big flaw in that.

In Metroid Prime 3, Samus is going to destroy the source of the Phazon, and all the Phazon itself. How can there be Phazon after that?

And yes, I am sure. This is the last Metroid Prime game. The whole plot of Metroid Prime revolves around Phazon. No more Metroid Prime games, no more Phazon, and so Samus has to deal with the Phazon. It’s the only way.

Other than that, it’s pretty good. Just fix up the Phazon part with something else.

By the way - are you going to help with the game itself? There are too many games on this board where the author can’t program or sprite. You can’t expect us to do the work for you - you have to at least do SOME OF THE PROGRAMMING OR SPRITING. Okay?


just about to say that…also, there cant be any metroids in it also, the metroids were completely wiped out in metroid 2, super metroid, and metroid fusion… :wink:

Well if the chozo supposedly made the metroids, they had to make the phazon first. therfore she found the planet they used to make it.

sam time posts :wink:

and the chozo did’nt make the metroids…get ur facts straight, they found the metroids, not made.

the chozo made them. so whos to say that they didn’t make them in this galixy?


Well, anyway, if you do use Phazon, you have to make it kinda a more “OMG all the Phazon wasn’t destroyed”. It would be a pretty big shock, so make it a plot twist, not known to the player from the onset.

Actually, that’s a pretty good storyline. Samus thinks she’s destroyed all the Phazon… later, she finds out that the threat’s still there, locked away on a planet.

But we don’t have any evidence that the Chozo ever made Phazon. In the US version of Metroid Prime, Pirate logs say that Metroid Prime has genetic similarities to a Metroid, but is not a Metroid. So they didn’t neccisarily make Phazon. But still, this is your game, so the plot can be pretty much anything you like as long as it’s beleivable.

Here’s my suggestion - make it so that a renegade group of Chozo created Phazon as a bioweapon, but it worked against them, spawning Metroid Prime and wiping them all out. That would work.

Edit: And yes, the Chozo did make the Metroids, Bosk. They didn’t find them. Go read the Metroid Fusion manual.

Edit2: And also, Phazon had nothing to do with any kind of Metroid beyond mutating certain Metroids into Hunter and Fission Metroids.

i can make som samus sprites, some beams to, but im not that skilled. i can rip som sprites to.

Excellent - that’s good. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t another “I’ve got the greatest idea, but I need help with all the programming and spriting and tilemaps and stuff, cause I can’t do any of it” topic.

jetman, look in my topic for the full metroid evolution chart…cause prime is a gamma metroid, just hes been mutated by phazon alot making him metroid (version) prime…

Thats incorrect

np, do some research before posting…kk?

Is he really a Gamma Metroid or do they just have him (it) there because he resembles one? I think it could have been an original and it evolved. Here’s something: Prime was in a shell combined with Space Pirate weapons. That doesn’t mean he’s a Gamma…

the space pirates raise a metroid to gamma stage, expose him to lots of phazon, the gamma mutates over time, increasing size and power. and voula! you have “Prime” stage of a metroid.

Um… excuse me?

You’re using A FAN CREATED CHART to judge the origin of a boss?

That wasn’t created by Nintendo. Go and read the logs from Metroid Prime - METROID PRIME IS NOT, REPEAT, NOT, A METROID.

Your own advice now applies to you - do some research before posting.

Don’t take fan-created stuff as gospel.

Ummmm…no. Metroid Prime is not and I repeat IS NOT an evolved version of a Gamma. It is just a highly evolved version of a normal metroid. Not to mention, that MP was there on Tallon IV before the space pirates even got there. MP simply evolved a shell around itself to keep itself protected, and when the space pirates did come to Tallon IV and try researching it, MP took their weapons and technology and interated it into it’s own being. Try getting YOUR facts straight bosk. :unamused:

Oh, and before I forget, another blunder I noticed in your chart. Hunter metroids are not created through phazon. They are a natural evolution to metroids. Basically, an adolescent metroid.

Edit: damn, jetman beat me to it. Well, I guess I should mention to jetman that MP did have many genetic characteristics that were similar to a metroid albeit on a highly evolved level. So, it is a metroid on some degree.

No, DS, Metroid Prime is not a Metroid. The only thing it has in common with Metroid is:

A. A few genetic similarities
B. The ability to generate Metroids
C. The Metroid name

I’m not going to dispute the whole Hunter Metroid thing with you, as we’ve gone over this before and established that we each have our own opinions with too little evidence to fully convince the others. So I’m staying away from that.

Edit: Yeah, okay. I suppose it could be counted as a Metroid. For clarity’s sake, let’s just refer to it as a genetic offshoot (or perhaps even a subspecies).

Heh, I just noticed something else. How can Pirates raise a metroid to a gamma when the evolution of metroids happens ONLY on SR388?

Actually, it seems to happen naturally - but it takes a LOOOOOOONG time outside of the gamma radiation-filled atmosphere of SR-388, which is why you don’t normally see them outside of SR-388. Gamma Radiation speeds up the maturing process. Or such is my understanding. (Let’s not get into the Hunter Metroid thing again DS, just stating an opinion)