Metroid pets

Post the creatures from any metroid game that you would like to have as a pet.

Those little light crystal creatures that walk around in Dark Aether! It’d… yeah… all-the-time healing…and… stuff…

edit: Meh, I guess Geruta would be cool, too.

i’d like a grenchler

Id have a blastcap from MP. I’d stick em in people’s lunchboxes. >:D

A space pirate would make a good pet… but it would probably make me it’s pet instead. So i’ll just stick with my deadly zoomer thank you very much. I’d throw it a peoples’ faces!

I think maybe I’d like to have Quadraxis as a pet. I’d be unstopable.

I’d like a metroid. I would name him…squishy!

Kraid would be a usefull pet… y’know to use him as a car, actually I’d perfer Ridley as my ride, or Meta Ridley!

you can pet a metroid silvart, the pirates once said : "metroids are no pets,metroid are no target train shot " hehehe

I would prefer somthing like kraid or Flaaghra for my tiny garden :stuck_out_tongue: or a grenchier as a dog :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

why do people always see an “L”?

Does that have any relevance to this subject?

Although that was off topic too… anyway… I would like Metroid Prime as a pet. It would be industructable.

Can’t say the same about you… 8)

What are you talking about? I could still get hurt, just on this earth it would make no sense for Prime to get hurt seeing as how Phazon doesn’t exsist and I don’t think we have made something that can channel energy into a ball yet.

oh, nothing, i’m just sick of people spelling my name wrong >_>

Pet, eh? I’d pick a metroid, but not the original. I’d probably pick Gamma or Omega, and if neither of them then I’d pick Prime’s hunter metroid.

hunter metroids are pretty cool

but they would atack you guys too! they cant be domesticable

minor inconvienence

you talked as a truly space pirate