Metroid - Overhead

I’ve just finished the beta of an overhead metroid game, but don’t know how to upload it. for now I have some screenshots, but I wanted to see if I could make it better in any way by getting feedback on the game itself.

Edit: It was actually based on the treasure game from game maker 7 in yoyogames, but i changed a few things, and added some more.

I’m a firm believer in the harsh crit is best for getting better school, so don’t take anything personally.

Those backgrounds look repetitive and awful, you seem to be using several different styles.
I’d suggest picking a single game, and sticking with that style.
Uploading’s easy enough, try googling ‘file hosting’

Right, Ill try that then, and Ill work on that advice for now (my first game).
Edit: I completely forgot YoyoGames allow game sharing
C = shoot beam
B = (hold) charge
(release) fire
arrow keys = corrosponding direction
different beams will overtake others IF THEY’RE BETTER THAN BEFORE
all beams go through walls at the time being
Original = normal one hit point - run of the mill enemies die instantly
Brain’s Incinerator = slight strength upgrade (2 hit points)
Ridley Killer = Bigger strength upgrade (5 hit points)
Secret Beam = ??? - find it to find nastiest boss (in beta for now) !!!

Here’s the link

I was going to say ‘quite good for a first game’
Then I noticed you’d edited one of the examples that came with GM. Not good

Well, that’s how you learn at first. >_>

Anyway, I found the secret beam. :smiley:

Not everyone.

Some people learn by looking at tutorials!

There’s one in the general discussion board right now!

learning by editing tuorials is fine, calling it ‘the beta of my game’ is not.

you have a point there, sorry. I’ll edit the post

New objects:

  • some lava can flow across the screen, but it’s slow
  • Power suit at the beginning (you have to pick up gravity suit in the first room or the ship won’t let you out)
  • Computers with pirate logs and info (just walk up to them)
  • The old secret boss is now compulsary, and it’s slightly different from before

If the old link still brings up the older file, then here’s the link to the new one

If there’s anything wrong (glitches etc) could you post them?

if it’s top-down why is the ship view from the front? it would have to be sitting on its back for this to happen


(BTW, I couldn’t bring myself to try the game again)

To Hairy Pomegranate: I’m working on that sprite at the moment, but because there has never been any overhead view of the ship, it’s difficult to know what it would look like from above. the sprite is getting better, but it’s nowhere near what it should look like, and with other things being added, and me being the only one creating them, it’s taking a long time. Plus i’m the only one working on it and i still don’t understand much of GameMaker 7 at the moment.

To Timaster: I’m not sure if you mean that your bothered by the fact that I said that, or if you missed the part on the bottom, or if you think the part on the bottom isn’t sufficient. either way, i’ve changed the “my” to “an”.

To PY (is this Phazon Yoshi?): I’m not going to force you to play it. You have your opinions and reasons and you’re entitled to them. I’m not going to change what you think.

Uh, I thought that by “edit” you meant “remove the part that implies it’s your work”.

I should’ve made it clearer. I’m too used to going to the bottom of a post and writing “EDIT:…”.