metroid outbreak

i am in the process of making a two player metroid game with tgf2.basicly you can play as any metroid from the games.each metroid has their own ability.the game is split screen so each can go his own way

what i know so far:
i can make metroids float
give them health
make them shoot
hurt each other if contact is made
i can insert music and sound effects
i can make backgrounds

what i need to learn:
how to animate
not have white boxes around all the sprites
room transitions
allow for 2 player control
have music play on into the next room
character select screen
create an exe and upload it to let other people download it

if you are good at one of these,you are welcome to help

ps.has this title already been used?

I’m excellant at baleeting the white boxes, I want in

Is that ok?

if you can do some of the other things that would be nice

See those stars?They rate how good I’m at that job.

Room shifting is EASY,unless you want to have metroid like areas,which cant be done in multiplayer unless online.

fixing your sprites will be simple editing.

Animation will be hard or easy depending on the sprite,unless you want to have multiple frames and you haev the individual frames.

It normally does if i’m right.

The character select screeen will be easy.

XD Just pick that option from FILE on that top bar XDXDXD.

I have used TGF for years, let me give you some advise.
If you are new to TGF, do not start off making a Metroif fangame!
I know, I tried it too, and it sucked really bad. Start off simple,
try learning the basic steps first. Don’t eat more than you can chew.
I would suggest making a Sonic game, or a mario fangame. Learn
basic fuctions like variables and how to use counters, then look
up tutorials for things you don’t understand.

EDIT: This is how good I am at these things you need.

5 Stars is max, 1 star is the lowest. As you can see, I know how to
do everything on there. I accel at room transitions, and I have
even built an engine for it.

here is a mini game that shows my current programming have to have tgf to play it


WAIT, I thought you were using Game Maker, Im only good with game maker sorry.

Ugh… I’ma get it over with and D-load TGF…

BTW, in order to kill the boxes, all you gotta do is make SURE there’s SOME color that won’t be used… like 1, 1, 1 RGB scale… set it as background and whatever is supposed to be see-through should be that same color…


uhh… heh ^^’ exactly what does TGF2 stand for?

EDIT: Googles TGF instead of TFG …Googling my organisation’s acronym’ll get me reaaaaaal faar…

I take it “TFG” stands for “the games factory?”


16 Megs? Wow. Even on dialup it’d only take a bit over an hour, so stop crying.