Metroid: Origins

I have an idea for a fangame based off Metroid. All I really need is an Engine. The sprites I plan to use, I’m ripping from Metroid Zero Mission (VIA: Slowing down the game to about 1fps and screen capping them with a completely black background on VBA:CE(The true lazy way of doing it, but also an equally annoying way)).

I still got the same storyline:

[i]The Galatic Federation has put Samus on Trial for the destruction of thier research facility and the Planet SR388. Samus tries to explain her reasons for destroying the X parasite, but it doesn’t hold and she get’s stripped of her suit and is thrown in a holding cell.

Adam, the computer of her ship, plans an escape attempt and is successful. Samus soon learns that the federation is continuing thier research on creating an Omega metroid on other facilities. The Space Pirates make a move and attack one, and steal the Omega Metroid. So Samus now travels to the Space Pirate base on Planet ME453 to destroy the Omega metroid and any trace of space pirate research.[/i]

Right now I’m searching the net and e-mailing people for more decent Suitless Samus sprites (using her orange bathing suit from the Zero Mission endings:


I’m going to make an attempt to edit some myself, (Note: I’m not a good spriter guy, I’m more of a writer :wink:).

Samus will have dialouge in this game too, which will be rather interesting. I have no clue if I’m going to do any cutscenes, but if I do plan to have real voices for Samus’s speech and some of the Feds. (This is subject to change, don’t hold me to this due to my lack of programming skills).

Characters such as Old Bird from the comics will also be in the game if I can find someone to draw the cinemas (and maybe a sprite).

I’ll post a demo soon as I get an engine ready.

No offense, but Samus being on the run thanks to destroying BSL is THE most overused plot in fangame history. A good 80% of all ones I’ve seen use it…

How would samus look like she did in ZM? Bieng infused with metroid DNA she is genticly remade, she looks different now. Also I can help you find some ZM sprites. Oh would she get back her fusion suit?

Actually to be honest you’re right, and at the time I came up with that originally, I wasn’t too aware of the fangame scene. So the story is going to be reworked into something original(Or modified enough so that it’d be a better story than the other games). For now I’m just working on a general game now, and then I’ll worry about the story later. First I want to get something together.

According to the ending (that I got atleast) she looked normal without her fusion suit. I might give her the fusion suit as a bonus, but when she fused with the SA-X Parasite, she got back her original suit(sorta), so I was thinking she’d start by going to see Old Bird and trying to modify her suit back to it’s original look. I also considered just using the SA-X Fusion suit she got at the end and then modifying it when she got the Varia and Gravity upgrades(If I decide to do the BSL storyline).

A few more plot ideas I’m playing with deal with one after Fusion and one After Prime 2:

After Prime 2:

[i]Samus reported what happened on Ather back to the Federation. After the report, there was a distress signal from a colony in the M31 star system.

Space Pirates had attacked the Planet Y in search for more specimins to use as Bio Weaponry against galatic civilization. It was there they came across the Chozo race again, and an all out war broke out. Now Samus must go to investigate what they were doing, and what creatures were involved in the Pirate’s insane research.[/i] (Sorry if that sounds really stupid, but these are WIP’s)

After Fusion:

[i]After the whole BSL incident Samus decided to seek the help of Old Bird, to restore her suit to it’s former Chozo Skin glory (Since they altered her suit I’d assume she dind’t have the special Chozo Suit anymore). When Old Bird comes to greet her, he agrees to make the suit if he promised to go back to the colony she was rasied on.

There, the Space Pirates had been trying to rebuild thier forces and clone Ridley, Kraid and Motherbrain. Thet experimented first on Metroids in order to carry out thier plan, but an accident causes things to get seriously out of hand and Samus picks up the distress call on Old Bird’s planet. So she decides to go there to clean up the mess.[/i]

I’ll probibly come up with something better once I sit down and think about it, but those are three (including my original idea) ideas I’ve come up with so far. Right now I’m just trying to build a simple demo and then figure out where I want to go from there.

First: Mother Brain = NO. MB existed for one purpose, and that was to control the defenses on Zebes. Zebes is destroyed, so she no longer has any reason to exist.

Second: Are you blind, or what? The ending of Fusion VERY clearly shows an orange fusion suit. -.- She NEVER gets her suit back. Why do so many people think that just because it’s orange it’s OMGVARIA?

First: Duely noted.

Second: I know. What I was getting at was that was a suit the federation made for her during the surgery, and she goes to find Old Bird (or some remaining Chozo) to get it fixed so that it’s like her old suit (Functionally wise). I never said she got her suit back. Least I don’t think I did.

And yes I am legally blind. But that’s far from the point.

Daz and his negativeness. Tsk, tsk … Well that cant be had.

Here is the thing … I am doing my Xenic game (yes I know its taking forever) as where it takes place after Fusion. I was going to have Samus show up at one part in the game … and I wasnt sure really what suit to use. Also I wasnt sure on how to incorperate her into the game. But then I later decided that Draken (main player in Xenic) will send a distress signal at some point in the game and the feds will send Samus to check it out. Of course what they dont realize is that Samus’ real goal of going back to the ruined SR 388 was to see if any x parasites had sustained the explosion and were still alive (of course they are, but they are being hunted by Metroids anyways) …

But I was like, what the hell would Samus be doing in the meantime? I am not sure if this will be in my game, but there is always so many ideas on what Samus could be doing after Fusion. What you should do … well in my opinion … is make up something completely random yet very cool. Kinda like what I did. Just take a new idea and evolve it, like maybe something that has absolutely nothing to do with Metroids. Or even get into her past a little bit, like you were saying about Old Bird. My advice if you want to go with the Omega Metroid idea … DONT, and I repeat, dont use space pirates. That gets so old. Make up a new enemy. Maybe a race that is humanoid-ish that spawned from Metroids. Something completely new. I dont want to spoil anything … but that is what my Xenic game will have. A dark and ugly twist.

Just some ideas.

That gave me somewhat of a better idea:

[i]Samus needed a place to hide out for a while to think about her next plan of action, and decided to go back to the planet where Old Bird was. While attempting a jump to light speed, her ship gets shot by some unknown enemy(no not the federation) and she winds up making an emergancy landing on an unknown planet. The landing was a bit rough, and knocks out most of her suit functions. So as usual she’s back to just a gun(but this time she has the morphball from the start).

As she explores the planet for signs of life of any kind, she comes across a room full of freshly hatched Metroid eggs. Soon she realises that the planet isn’t another Metroid homeworld, but a base for her unknown attackers.

Was she lured there? Who are her unknown attackers? And why the hell am I asking questions in a storyline? Well you’ll find out the first two answers in my game.[/i]

This also means if I go with this then I’ll have to rip fusion sprites, unless I find a way to explain how she gets her old suit back. Oh well more fun for me untill I get an engine ^_^.

How would she ever get her old suit back? ALL the chozo are dead now her suit is a only piece she will get. Also Federation would need SAmus in action fighting off Space Pirates, so they wouldn’t realy outcast her

All chozo are not dead, plus, she got a new suit in Zero Mission, why couldn’t she do it again?

You forget that the Federation wanted Adam to contain her at the end of Fusion so that she wouldn’t destroy the SA-X, but Adam released her and let her destroy any trace of the SA-X and X Paraiste, so why wouldn’t the Federation persue her? They don’t nessicarily need her to hunt the Space Pirates, they dan always find a replacement. It just so happens Samus had a grudge against them and was pretty skilled, there’s no reason someone else couldn’t do it.

Also, Daz made me think of a good way to incorporate the old suit into this (I haven’t palyed Zero Mission in almost a year and my memory isn’t that good) but we’ll see if I can rip and edit the Fusion SA-X suit she gets at the end, I’ll use that. If not, she’ll get a new suit.

I’m going to begin working on a demo and possibly the opening sequence. I have no clue as to how I’m going to do it. I also still intend to give Samus a bit of dialouge, and with this storyline it makes it very possible. The live voices for Samus and other characters is something I want to do as well, but I’ll worry about that after I get some of the game done.

I started editing a little bit of the Zero Mission suitless Samus. I’d like something a little more like this:

But I have no clue who made that so I can’t ask permission to use it/edit it. So I did a rip (one frame) of the one from Zero Mission and begun an edit job:

It’s not that good I know, but this is my first attempt at editing a sprite so bear with it.

I have a complete flight suit sheet of Samus in the stealth sequence of Zero Mission. I could help you edit it if you wish. Its actually very complicated, especially how her hair flies up and down all the time. I like the orange though.

Only if you don’t mind. I’m still working on ripping some more sprites for now before I go back and finish my edit. I’m also working on collecting music to be used in the game. I’m going to be using old Metroid music which I plan to remix in Fruity Loops if I can.

Um Aura, your sprite doesn’t have enough contrast. The suit just seems to blend into Samus…

I know, it’s a WIP still. Thanks for pointing it out though.

Why not make the old suit appear a little bit more new? like it’s blended into the FUsion so it’s a oldish new look? Also I thought all the Chozo are dead, were are they now?

Prime said that they left Tallon IV to observe, but they can phase back into existence when necessary. Like after beating Meta Ridley, for instance.

Aura i know who made that suitless samus sprites hes e-mail is :smiley:

Thanks for the e-mail. He siad I can use the sprites, so I’ll see what I can do editing wise. So far I’m working on the game music as of this time. I might use some Prime music, but mostly working off the original and super metroid music scores. The midis will be remixed and sound hopefully better.

well good luck on the game :smiley: