Metroid Origins - Fangame I'm working on

New Boss Demo! 10-3-07 Engine Alpha:…;/fileinfo.html

Currently debating whether to make it so upgrades can be turned on/off at will, or it’s not worth the effort besides a few key things.

List of how i’m stating, since it’s kind of long.
Demo download (v0.89.6 prebeta engine).
Upgrades Planned
Known Bugs
How you can help.

I’m working on the engine myself. Read on. Scroll all the way to the bottom paragraph if you’d like to see what I need help with, and what you could do.

The tech demo is actually a minigame, based upon the Metroid theme of collect upgrades, and move on to the next zone, eventually back tracking to the beginning. There is no crouch, due to the fact that I find it’d be pointless, and it’d hinder with some mechanics I want. Currently only 5 modes of aiming, though down right/left is being tinkering with, may or may not add.

v0.89.6 prebeta engine - Platform Demo…/fileinfo.htmll

v0.88.3 prebeta boss demo…;/fileinfo.html
[S = Jump] [X = shoot]

Upgrades so far:
-Beam Types-

  • Long Beam (beam1)
    Basic beam. Allows fires to be shot twice the distance. Stacks with all other beams.
    DD: 2
    SD: n/a
  • Wave Beam (beam2, beamupgrade2)
    Makes it so beams shoot in a wave, and goes through all types of walls. Stacks with nothing.
    DD: 5
    SD: 1.0s
  • Plasma Beam
    Makes it so beams shoot through All Enemies, dealing more damage as it does.
    DD: 2pp
    SD: 1.5s
  • Charge Beam
    Makes it so all beams are capable of charging, taking 3 seconds. All beams do 5x damage.

-Missile Types-

  • Normal Missiles
    Destroy Missile Blocks, and deals decent damage
    DD: 10
    SD: 1.0s
    -Super Missiles
    Destroy Super Missile, and Missile blocks. Deals 5x damage as normal Missiles.
    DD: 50
    SD: 1.0s
    -Homing Missiles
    When turned on, Normal Missiles will home in on nearest target.

-Suit Upgrades-
-Energy Tank
Each Tank increases total energy by 100.
-Speed Booster
Increases movement speed.
-Jump Upgrade
Allows an additional jump in the air.
-Space Jump
Allows unlimited jumps, as long as somersaulting.
-Screw Attack
All somersaults now deals emense damage to all in contact.

-Morph Ball Upgrades-
-Morph Upgrade
Allows entry of Morph ball mode.
-Morph Bombs
Deals light damage, and allows to jump 1 block.
DD: 2pp
SD: 3 M.Bombs layed at a time.
-Bomb Jump
Allows Morph bombs to propel up, without having to be on the ground level.
-Spring Ball
Allows to jump two blocks.
-Spider Ball
Allows travelling through Spider Tracks, and other proper areas.

Upgrades Planned: (in order of adding in)
Wall Jump - Still tinkering how it would be done, but got a buggy version of it made. Unlikely to be added in alpha.
Powergrip - Yet to been tinkered with, due to working on other things first. May not be added in alpha.
Ice Beam - May not happen. Would be able to be switched on and off.
Grappling hook - or - Magnet Arm (planning pending.)

Known Bugs -
When colliding with walls, animation tends to freeze until movement is made.
After collecting upgrade, graphic freezes. No fix planned.
If jumping with spring ball, must remove finger from the jump key before entering a tight space, or it knocks you right back out. Solution being worked on.

Story -
After an unknown span of time under Metroid Fusion, it is discovered that X were able to make it out of the BSL station via escape pods, and stolen space pirate ships (as there were pirates in the station, I assume they came by ship).

The whole remainder of the race rallied into the world Asyla, which mysteriously causes all forms of communications and automated navigation useless to those whom come too close. After a failed attempt to capture the X, costing 3 battleships, the federation discovers Space Pirate activity, and Samus is called to the scene. Her mission, to make an attempt to capture an X, but more importantly, to destroy any whom secure a sample beforehand.

Upon entering the atmosphere, the planets disturbance render a malfunction, causing most of her abilities to become unusable, thus leaving her with merely her Power Beam and Suit.

How you can help -
I’d like to keep this project as fully customized as possible, so I’m looking for people to do the following things:
Create Sprites (I’m currently doing this myself, but putting myself entirely into the engine, so there wont be much original sprites, unless I get aid.)
Create Tilesets (Same as sprites)
Create the BGM/SFX (currently have someone doing this, but just incase he disapears on me.)
Concept boss battles appearance/mechanics (Doing this myself, but an extra head wont hurt.)
Concept puzzle types (same as above).
Tester (Granted I do extensive testing, as I already know how the mechanics are supposed to work, it makes it difficult for me to do things against the mechanics >.>)

For things that I cannot do, nor acquire someone to assist me with, I will be using ripped copies, most likely from the GBA games, and perhaps Super Metroid.

i’m good at making stories.maybe i can help with the story :sunglasses:

For the most part, the story is made except for some key details here and there, which I’d rather tinker with by myself, and with the others whom are already contributing to this project in other means.

  1. Can get stuck in a spinjump animation forever, until you move left or right. Three variations of this. First variation: jump straight up, hold s, press forward, let go of s, hold forward. You’ll land on the ground, but not leave the animation, and keep going forward. Second variation: activates in a similar way, but you don’t have to keep moving. Doesn’t work every time for some reason. Third variation: spinjump into a morph ball tunnel at the right angle, and hold forward.
  2. The jump animation hardly ever works properly… most of the time, you’re running in the air, standing, or some other random sprite that isn’t the one leg pulled up, one leg down jumping one.
  3. Animation breaks when standing on the jump boot chozo statue’s hand and pressing forward.
  4. The spiderball system is AWFUL. First of all, pressing down shouldn’t give you that annoying sound every frame. Second of all, you should move with the arrow keys, not with V. V should detach you from the track. Though I’m not sure that’s what you intended, since it doesn’t even work half the time. For some reason, if you hold v, you can go off the track, but still be stuck to the wall… Except if you go off the track, then back on the track, you still fall off. It can’t be that hard to do. Have a variable that controls whether you are floating on the wall. If you press v and you are intersecting a track, then turn it on. If you press v again or if you stop intersecting a track, turn it off. Not really that complicated…
  5. Touching walls breaks everything it possibly can, especially when standing in morph ball mazes.
  6. Jumping, morphing, and trying to go into a tunnel is impossible - you teleport over the hole, for some reason. Exception if there’s a ceiling. This makes it impossible to leave almost any area without the spring ball. You will note that it is impossible to get stuck in an area in any Metroid game.
  7. Bombs don’t affect you if you’re not touching the ground, making a double bomb jump (one of the few tricks that exists in every single metroid game ever created) impossible.
    8) Enemies have no collision detection…
  8. Running, pressing up, then releasing forward doesn’t make you aim up…
    Do you need a 10th? Lord, there are just… so… many… glitches…
    EDIT: I can skip the springball and double jump. Yay me. I have to get 2 missiles, though… D=
    EDIT2: I can get springball and skip a missile, or get 2 missiles and skip springball. Skipping double jump both times.
  1. Known bug, first method since been fixed, others pending.
  2. Partially fixed, along with 1. More fixes pending.
  3. It’ll be fixed by the last alpha.
  4. Still being worked with, originally it was intended only to be used to go up, and never down, and was kind of changed recently. V will be made to turn it on and off by the time of the last engine alpha release. The sound for holding down is actually a debug sound, which I neglected to remove for the current release.
  5. Yeah, this the big bug at the moment, and is the cause for bugs 1 and 2.
  6. Intentional, to give irreplaceable use to morph bombs and spring ball. There’s one area you can literally get stuck in the demo that I found, didn’t realize it at the time of the release, as by the time you got to that point you were supposed to have spiderball (which I didn’t know could of been skipped at the time.) Also, there are a few areas in metroid prime you can get stuck permanently, and you can get stuck in the wrecked ship in super metroid too without the grappling beam.
  7. Intentional, to not replace the use of spring ball, nor space jump. Bomb jump upgrade may be looked at, once the other things on the to do list is completed.
    8)Excuse me? All released enemies do. (They all ignore Samus though, intentionally.)
    9)Thanks for informing me about that bug, I’ll see to it being fixed by the next alpha

A toned down screw attack should be released by next alpha as well, following the new code.

PS: Congrats on your sequence breaking, I’m glad to hear you at least had fun (I assume by playing it enough to sequence break). Try and make it through without the spider ball! that’s the hardest sequence break.

I apologize for the bugs, just remember, this is a prebeta engine demo (aka alpha), and I’m hoping to iron out all those bugs by beta.

Hope to see you as a future beta tester xP