"Metroid Origins"-A game being made in Physix's MEngine

Hello, my name is Hackmi.
Metroid Origins is my project that I have worked on with the help of “Martyn,” a programmer, various people for sprites but the most active members being myself and Ocin. This game has been developed in MEngine a Super Metroid Engine with refined Physics and a much more detailed and extensively animated Samus sprite set. MEngine was made by Physix/Ararrararara.
Less about me more about the game:
Metroid Origins was made possible once I was handed over some art from “Corey Annis” (the legend). We combined AM2R ai into MEngine and some other changes.
Set on an alternate reality (yes I’m a lazy story writer) where Metroid 2 hasn’t happened yet. A researcher ship was instructed to take data from the planet SR-388. Within 2 days all communication is lost. Samus Aran is sent in to see what has happened to them, if there is a threat she must wipe it out.
The rest goes like Metroid 2, except it’ll take you about 20 minutes to complete XD, I attempted to make it possible with minimum powerups for experienced players.
The game features:
3 Areas. 2 boss variations, original music (soon trust me lol), brand new game mechanics, a refined engine made in Game Maker Studio, overdetailed environments and lots of custom artwork.

Hackmi, Physix, Martyn, Ocin, Shmegleskimo, VR, IE, Altair, FierceFalcoN…list goes on to be updated later.

Thanks for reading. I’ll update the list or something but I am lazy so nah u suck .


Awesome work! Glad you’re getting close to finished, I can’t wait to play this.



So Hackmi finished Origins. It’s pretty neat, and 2.0 polishes up the game a bit.

Here’s a download link, and here’s a speedrun if you don’t have time to play the game.

Give it a go if you have the chance!


Atver is making his “own version” with some more fixes I suggested but he tells me he’s changed layouts so consider his upcoming update a mod.

Though theres some stuff he’s changed that I asked for which will definitely make for better gameplay.

As for me woah I went a week without making anything to do with Metroid ayy on the way to quit this drug loooosRs. jk but ye i KWIT

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its been over a year since “release”

Hi! Could you please tell me who made the ‘Inferno’ track? I can’t seem to find the original artist and I would like to credit them in a project I’m helping with.

Fierce Falcon

Hackmi I would like to talk to you is there contact info you have?

Where do i found MEngine?