Metroid: Oblivion((on hold))

Well, basically Metroid: Oblivion is after Metroid Fusion, except it’s also after another fan game where Samus needs to find an object on a planet to clear her name for smashing a space station into a planet. Except the game was only about five minutes long.

The basic storyline is that they land on a space station after a distress signal is sent out. When she gets onto the space station, after a few minutes of going through doors, and shooting a few enemies that escaped from there holding cells, she comes apon a dead researcher. Except it has these wierd red vines on it…

Your computer(Adam, I believe? It’s been about a year since I actually played Fusion) informs you that there are still life signs in that room aside from yours. The researcher stands up, and starts blasting at you (One of the research team people from the very beggining of fusion, on the intro scene.). When you dispose of the enemy, to your horror, you see an X parasite fly away. Did I mention that the space federation researchers had removed the Metroid DNA and return you to your normal form? You can no longer absorb the X.

edit: one little question. is there a way to make Samus appear in the next room without making one area a huge room, and without making copies of every single room? Like, you go through a door on your right, and appear on the left side of the room. You go through the next door on the right, but it’s a deadend. You go back left, and appear on the right side of the room, and go up through a door in the roof. You get attacked by enemies, and need to go back to your ship to recharge, so you go through the door and appear at the top. Do you see what I’m getting at?

Um, a small problem with your story. If Samus can no longer absorb the X, and from the X can detect that Samus can’t, then why didn’t that X parasite just get Samus infected again? It makes no sense for it to just fly away, especially considering X just love to infect strong organisms.

eh, good point… I guess I made it kinda unclear that a metroid comes at the prefect moment and saves samus by absorbing the X. I’ve definately got to work on the story side of the whole thing. aaalong with the sprites, music, background, ground in general, weapons… everything…

Alright, advance the story a little bit here: when samus gets to the station, the whole thing is about to fall apart, shaking and stuff (Actually just a convenient glitch that I descided not to fix) and when she destroys the x-infested researcher, the X floats for a second, and flys at her. She jumps over it, turns, and watches it come at her again. The metroid comes flying out of no where, and absorbs it. It’s only a little hatchling metroid, and she blasts it with a missile when it tries to attack her. The computer tells her that there are not any normal life signs left, and that they should leave. When you are almost to the ship (one room away, when the thing is collapsing and pipes are tearing off the cieling) there is another infested researcher. She blasts it, not knowing what else to do, and the X attacks her. To her surprise, she doesn’t become infested, and is hardly harmed. But as in all metroid games, she loses her weapons. The X absorbed the data to the weapons, and caused all but her power beam to malfunction. She quickly gets on the ship, and takes off again. She finds that the X have caused most of the engine systems to malfunction, and is forced to land on a planet that the Research Facility was orbiting. As the station collapses, almost all of the wreckage falls onto the planet. And most of it ends up not being burned up in the atmosphere…

The story still needs work, I know.

What are you using to make your game?

game maker 5.6 , I believe.