Metroid News

I just beat Metroid Prime 2 last Night :smiley:> .

Feel free to post any thing else that has to do with Metroid :metroid:

I fanaly got Super Metroid! And soon I’m gonna get Fusion and Zero Mission.

good, those are good games

finished MP:H w/ 99%

In MPH, I have 50% of the ocoliths and 19% of the items.

I defeated the boss that guards the next ocolith, BUT the timer reached 0:00:00 when I was on the ship and an inch away from entering it.

which area?

Beat Fusion and working on Prime 2! I can’t believe they removed the fast-fire missle glitch from P1! I pwned the first boss in 30 secs with that glitch!
Glitch: Press Y, the immediately press A to close your cannon and repeat. Missles fire SUPER FAST!

If u need help on prime2 I’m open for questions.

I got 100% scans in mph and 98% item in mph.

I finally figured out how to fully beat MPH and did it.

Dark Samus was hard the E Ing not so much still not something I want to go through again :angry:

Dark Samus was hard for you? Tch…

I thought Emporer Ing was a lot harder… not saying he was hard, but harder than that piece of cake, Dark samus.

Funny, I thought that’s what this section was for in general.