Metroid Mutiplayer Game for the Wii

I was thinking since metroid prime 3 corruption has good control, why don’t we ask them to make a mutiplayer wi-fi metroid game for the wii? Where you can choose a different GF troop, Space Pirates and play as Dark Samus along with the bounty hunters’ from Hunters and Corruption, as well as Samus. I know that this is unlikely, But it would be fun.

I was the only person on planet earth that liked the MP2:E multiplayer, and I’d love to see it, or an improved version, online.

I liked it too, actually… >_>

But hell, that’s what we have Metroid Online for. Leave Nintendo to its forte.

I have to say, Metroid Prime 3 engine + WiiWare + OnlineFPSness=Yayz!
So long as it’s free for those of us who bought MP3, though I might be tempted to buy such a beut.
Also, what’s Metroid online?

I thought I was the only person to like the multiplayer in MP2E aswell. I absolutely loved that level with the turret and the acid pools. Hours of fun trying to play against myself or my cheesed off brother, or, if I’m lucky, guests. Except I keep winning. Even against myself. LOL. The likeliness of a Metroid Prime 3 engine + WiiWare + OnlineFPSness thing is thin, but it would be good. Maybe (fingers crossed) Ninty would release a multiplayer extension for MP3C, but that’s as likely as me becoming ‘Pr?sident de la R?publique’ back here in France.

It’s a Halo Custom Edition mod that adds Metroid Prime models, weapons, and arenas to Halo deathmatches.

There’s a Tallon Overworld that’s complete, and I’ve heard they’re working on Space Pirate Frigate and Phendrana Drifts maps.

Is Metroid Online for Xbox or Nintendo? Can you please confirmed. I just beat Prime 3 again for the 5th time allready, I want another good rival to go head to head combat.

It’s for PC. But nice try.

I like Mutiplayer for Echoes too.

Hell, for that matter, why don’t we have a topic on M:O yet? The Hunter vs. Spartan thread implies we have more than a few Halo players, so surely we could get some rounds going.

Heh, last time I was on I accidentally ran into someone from this board by chance anyway. That was trippy.

I’d make the thread meself but I gotta jet in a minute or two and don’t have time to find the link.

Yeah, I saw vids of M:O on Youtube, and visited their website:Metroid Online Homepage
Fantastic models and levels. I really should buy Halo to play it. It’s a really good project, and I hope that it will get far more substantial than it already is.


I just wish they’d add weapon pickups instead of always starting with all five guns, because that gets a bit repetitive.

Oddball mode is always fun though.

And hey, don’t buy Halo just for it. Buy Halo for the fact that it has tons of other awesome custom mods too. The online’s not quite as active as it used to be, but people still play it. >_>

S’got H2 maps with weapons, Star Wars stuff, giant maps with Mongooses added in, Gundam-like mechs, ghosts with rocket launchers instead of lasers, the ability to have coop against monsters in deathmatches, playing as grunts or elites… There’s one that recreates Block Fort from Mario Kart, one for Bob-Omb Battlefield (complete with music!), and a Hyrule Field with horses, bows and hookshots… plus, of course, the Metroid ones.

Custom Edition is a very nice thingy. And the main game ain’t too shabby either, even if it is a bit overrated.

Well, Computer games are always growing an expanding like the empire earth series I got the last one they release not to long ago. Computer game can get bonus material to it. I wish that the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 game can get bonus material. That would be cool. :sunglasses:

Shit… My mod knowledge on Halo really is shallow… Those mods sound awesome! Halo for Xmas! I thought on HL2 had good engines… Thx daz!

If only more people played it, it’d be perfect, but there’s still enough players to get good games going most of the time…

Guys, talking about halo shit go get h3t’s beta and CMT stuff its all awesome (and as far as CMT i recommend snow grove and tensity)

and quick fyi metroid online and all the other shit i made reference to require Halo custom edition because the actual halo is gay >_>

Seeing as we haven’t yet solidified exactly how the new warning systems will work, but that post is CLEARLY against the rules in several ways at once, I’ll just have to improvise.