Do you think there will be a metroid movie?

  • HELL YA!
  • yes
  • maby
  • no!
  • HELL NO!
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I have heard rumors of a metroid movie. Are they true? :metroid:

Yes the rumors are true. John Woo recently bought the rights to make a Metroid Movie and plans to have the first film out by next year. I forgot the link where this was said though…

“maby” is spelled maybe. And I think the poll should ask, “if there is one, do you think it’ll be good or a cheap spinoff?”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Oh the irony! You comment on him spelling maybe wrong, but you spell poll wrong. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I heard another stupid rumor that I hope is not true. I heard that Paris Hilton might be samus in the movie. I hope to god that aint true! :angry:

Well, I heard it might be Angelina Jolie, which would be kinda cool for her to act as the two most famous female gaming stars in the world.

Metroid Movie must die!!! Make more Metroid video games instead!

huh. when you said that I thought I spelled it pole by accident but apparently I typo’d. Yano, O and U are two horizontal keys over.

…Scary my typo would be pronounced the same. Now you probably won’t believe that’s a typo :angry:

Two keys is a great distance.

I know. That’s the thing, I can’t possibly concieve me typing poll as pull unless
A. I was spaced out/ thinking about something involving pulling
or B. My finger really slipped.

The only thing I might mispell poll as is pole if I wasn’t paying much attention (which I sometimes don’t considering I almost typed don’t there as doesn’t), so it’s gotta be a typo.

I before E,
Except after C,
Or sounded as “ay”
Like “neighbor” or “weigh.”

More often than not I don’t pay attention to that either lol

YaY! You didn’t make a spelling error this time!

It’s not like I have a spelling disability. I probably spell better than most 12 year olds on the net considering we have our own stereotype.

I said most.

That link has less than zero information. Lucky someone’s actually lazy enough to get off his bum though…

What is THAT?

Is what?

The thing he linked.

A movie database site comfirming any movies that are in production. Too bad it has no info. I hope they get Uma Thurman to be Samus though. I think she’d be great for that.