Metroid metal

do you listen to metroid metal??

  • Hell yeah!!
  • No…
  • What’s that??
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I’ve been aware of metroid metal for some time now, but i never really looked into it. Im glad i did. I’ve always had mixed feelings about metal. I’ve always love the guitar, but i didnt like the white dudes with spiked hair screaming their asses off. Metroid metal took awsome guitar chords, my fave metroid tunes, and remixed them into some of the best metroid shit only ever. But the question is, Do you listen to it??

None of the choices fit me, so I’m not voting.

I listen to Metroid Metal occasionally, but every time I listen to a song it just makes me dislike it more.

its ok. i sorta like the ridley thing.

Ah, i knew i should have had a “meh, sometimes” option. Anyway, Lower norfair/magmoor caverns, is my favorite, since it’s my favorite metroid song anyway. Something about the ferocity of it get my adrenaline going. Like fighting someone…just in a song.

But im suprised you dislike it.

hm. its just not what im into. im more into the whole ‘emo’/‘hardcore’ music.

MetroidMetal doesn’t seem quite as metalish as it’s name implies… It just seems more like heavy rock.
One of the reasons I say that is because I can actually play the drum parts without wanting to shoot either myself, the music, or the drummer in the original song…

Anyway… yeah, I think it sounds pretty good. (Another reason why I wouldn’t count it as metal. I hate almost all metal.) I listen to it if I don’t have anything better to listen to.

I wonder whose band played my new cell phone’s ringtone…

That’s right, yo. Metroid Metal is the shizz. Or something like that. Anyway, my cell phone has been rightly named Kraidophone 2. (I made a Kraid ringtone for my previous one, so it was the original Kraidophone.)

Lol. I just love the beggining of the brinstar theme. It gets me every time. But then again, pretty much every song on there does.

Meh, it’s alright, but it gets obnoxious after awhile.

never heard of it, and i dont plan on listening to it.

lol if u showed me i could probably tell you. as long as its from the last 26 years. i should know…yea thats how cool i am…i listen to older music too :stuck_out_tongue:

off topic: how do we do the question thingys like at the starting of this topic??

Click Poll. THen, follow the instructions to enter your choices.

Oh! thanks! :smiley:>

Just to let everyone know, there’s a new one. Space Pirates battle.

Oh hellz yeaz… i mean…
Seriously know, what is the point of remixing? Yes it is nice sounding, but still, I really don’t think you get enough credit for your work.

what the point of not remaixing when you can?


Fucking win.

The beginning was a little drawn out, but I guess that was to make it a full length song. But yeah, that really kicks.

Yeah. It was definetly worth the wait. I’d really like to see them do both of Metroid prime’s themes though.