Metroid: Lockdown

SR-388 is destroyed. No X survived the explosion. It was all over.
But the Federation left one thing out, and that is the X that fell from the Metroid lab. Only Samus knew, but saw nothing escape the lab but her. It was soon forgotten after a distress signal from the G.F.S. Olympus reached Samus, saying something about a massive pirate raid is underway. Samus swiftly succeded and stationed herself in the Olympus as a Marine to prevent any problems with the Federation’s secret item.
Even Samus does not know what it is, but people answer her by saying “It is top secret. The less known, the better.”
A year has past, and the Olympus has found a message from a Federation Outpost in a nearby solar sytem:
…Reports have…In. The subject known as…continues…grow. Our findings are remarkable…Energy…Used for…Civilization…(EMERGENCY! CONTAINMENT BREACH)…Pirates! Where did…From?..Too many…Please respond! Gah-…
It looks like Samus must go back in action.

Uh…no. Just no. Here’s my reasons:

  1. X parasite in a fangame=badness. Don’t use it. Fusion confirmed the death of all X parasites.
  2. The X in the metroid lab was destroyed. I’m pretty sure the lab blew up, and if it didn’t, it drifted into orbit around SR-388, which would pull it towards the planet, thus destroying the lab.
  3. The Olympus was in Metroid Prime 3, which was set before Super Metroid. It shouldn’t exist outside of that realm.
  4. The Pirate Raid idea has been used over and over and over. Come up with something different. Trust me. The last thing you want to do as an author is reuse the same plot device. It’s not a good idea. It would be like a good movie series, say Star Wars, opening with a lightsaber battle every time. No matter how cool it is, it would get old.

Overall, I would make serious changes. I would try to come up with some sort of new idea, like say Samus has to fight the federation. I would kill for a game like that.

Wow. No. For the millionth time, READ.

But he never asked for any help. >_>

And I have proof, I just need to get Samus on the ground instead of being in midair…Without passing through tiles.
EDIT: I’ll change the storyline soon.

Sorry, you have proof, as soon as you work out collision detection?
Um. Oh…kay.

Umm…Why does that sound wierd, PY?

Collision detection is kinda vital to a game, no?

Yeah…I know that. What do you mean?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d get a basic engine done before posting anything.

Yeah, I’m with PY. I’d get something done first, preferably a basic engine and then post. Of couse, that’s probably why I never post anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Typing on the Wii hurts like a bitch…