Metroid Legends 3

For a very early demo, Download here (be warned, it’s still somewhat demanding of your computer. With my Athelon, the game goes around 35/45 FPS. But that’s good considering GX Adventure ran at 10/45) You need this program to play online (right click>save as)

The controls go: arrow keys- move ; mouse- aim ; left mouse button- shoot ; z- switch visors ; x- switch weapons; ctrl- jump ; Can’t use underlined commands in offline or training (only available modes :frowning: )

Update 4/20/06
I updated the online mode to include rankings. But, you need to register for an online account using a secondary program to play online now. Don’t worry, it’s safe and you can delete it after registration (although I don’t suggest it :wink: ) I also updated story mode a little further. You now land on the main planet and you can scan terminals to find out a little history of the planet. The real game is finally beginning!

Update 4/13/06:
Story mode moved on slightly further. Many collision glitches are fixed, you get to fight against the infant metroid, and there’s a short little cinema when you escape. (Again, the bomb doesn’t detonate so you can’t die. :wink: )

Update 4/10/06:
This is mainly an online update. You ping opponents quicker to reduce clunky animation online. In the online, you also must wait for a spawn time now and you have a death animation (these two updates are pretty glitchy sometimes). The map “frozen river” (even though the river isn’t really frozen) is available. DM, TDM, Survival, Team Survival are all the game modes you can choose from now (BE WARNED: Team games have friendly fire on and your score doesn’t work as a team, so it’s like solo but everybody has a (friend) or (enemy) tag) Offline got a little update. Notice that offline is still in gray, so you SHOULD NOT play it. But if you do, Dark Samus is in sequence now, you can collect the morphball upgrade, and there’s an evacuation (with an adrenaline factor- the closer the timer gets to 0 the more your adrenaline increases and the harder it is to steady). Spoiler: The timer resets at -1:59:00 and you don’t die

Update 4/6/06:
You can connect online through a private server or public server. You will be able to change round time, points to win, game mode, max players, and arenas but currently you can only change the time, points, and players. The online can hold up to 10 people, but you better be sure that your connections can handle it! (players can join after 10 people, but will be set as spectators). Bonus: Admin users have the ability to set a map called “Admin World”, so it’s like an exclusive map for those lucky enough to be hosted by an admin. No other maps exist except Admin World and the default one yet.

Power Beam: We all know it, we all love it. It’s just the power beam.
Shell Beam: Based off a shotgun. Shoots multiple beams at one time. The charged beam will shoot 2 bonus shots and ricochet off walls.
Pierce Beam: Fusion of Trace’s affinity weapon and power beam.
Vector Beam: A beam with the strength of the powerbeam. The more damage Samus takes, the more the beam will hurt the target, however.
Missile: The lovely missiles as common as the power beam. Enough said.

It’s a pretty decent game…
but, erm, what do you do once you’ve landed?

It keeps telling me to use the morph ball… but then you fall through a trap door and explode in space… :confused:

help please :slight_smile:

is it for mac?

If you look above the entrance to the trapdoor, there’s another hole above it which you have to double jump to get to :wink:

Using an emulator you could play, but your mouse needs to have a left and right mouse button otherwise you can’t get past the first room.

Can’t yoiu just set the controls from right click, to whatever?

Yes, but to what key? That’s not really a good place to put it in any of the control schemes :frowning:

Why can’t other weapons open standard doors? Also, why does the plasma beam have unlimited range? (or are you making it different from MP?)

Wonderful animations and textures, but terrible models, AI, engine, lighting, etc.

I didn’t have much fun playing this. I kept getting stuck in walls, and it was too dark for me to tell where I was. The graphics were glitching sometimes, like in the Frigate (or whatever that was), when I suddenly found myself in an empty room with a trapdoor. Or maybe it was just too dark to tell where I was… I don’t really know.
The combat wasn’t that fun either. The enemies would run into the walls and get stuck, and while trying to avoid the bullets, I would either get stuck in a wall myself, or the bullets would just be too fast to avoid in the small room.

I could go into more detail about everything great and everything bad if you would like.

Yea that’s something I meant to change since day one but never did, and yes plasma does have unlimited range because this isn’t suppose to be Metroid Prime.

Nah, don’t go into detail :cry:

But the lighting is fixed and I’m going to start remaking the whole engine. Going to enlarge the polygons so the game doesn’t lag in large areas and the enemies will determine where the walls are (and with a little luck I could change the bug where you get stuck in walls- that annoys me too)

EDIT: ML3 runs on GX Adventure currently (my custom engine 8) ) but I’m going to transfer it to IP Adventure (Right click- save as to see a game that runs on IP Adventure- it too is a demo)

In this new engine, are you going to fix where the beam comes from? (aka, the shot goes out when pointing up or down but the cannon isn’t pointing in that direction) Also, it was kind of tricky to sidestep using enter as the jump button. In Prime, the movement tapped twice sidestepped and made it much more comfortable on the hands. I’ll be looking forward to the new version! 8)

This game is fairly decent … I cant really work with 3d media so I really have no point of reference as to give constructive criticism. But I am a game designer, so I will point out several things (hope I am not repeating anybody).

  1. The controlls are wacked. Its really hard to jump while trying to move.
  2. Enemy AI is horrible, and fighting is quite hard.
  3. Use more textures, add some props in. Its a little bland.
    Other than that, it was pretty good considering. Keep working at it.

I still want to know how you’ve circumnavigated the fact that a Metroid crossed with an X makes for a slightly less hungry Metroid.

What are you talking about? Metroids are always hungry! :metroid:

help on Kihunter

Shoot it with missiles and the plasma beam. It has two attacks, a single beam and a beam that sweeps across half the room. Believe it or not, but the sweep is better because it’s easier to dodge and the Kihunter becomes fatigued afterwords

As with the suggestions: Sartan, I have no idea what you’re getting at

I don’t see how the jumping can be hard, considering your finger has to move about an inch to jump, and if you don’t like the arrow control scheme, switch to the WASD via the options menu in the main menu.

With the AI, yes, a ripper (see comic #505 of Planet Zebeth) is more intelligent than the space pirates, but that shouldn’t be hard to rectify.

With the environment, yea, it’s kind of bland. But with the polygon count it’s at now, people’s computers lag. Scenery certainly won’t stop the lag :frowning:

Might want to work more on collision checking: in the first area I jumped up to reach the ledge (to avoid the trapdoor) and was hugging the wall. Sure enough, I stopped dead. I jumped, rolled, ran, and still couldn’t break free.

Ok, well, with all the obvious flaws in the game, many that aren’t able to be fixed (poor AI, poor collision detection, slow gameplay) I decided to start the game from scratch again.

I’ve been working on the new engine for 3 days and it’s already superior to the demo you already tried :smiley:

The AI is developed enough to make a challenging game of CTF, maps are far larger and don’t suffer from lag, there’s a chargebeam, the HUD is smarter (it knows what you’re aiming at), and going into morphball form has an animation. None of this could be done in the last version.

…Nice! I’m really looking forward to your next demo.

Thank you! Here’s a picture of you playing a nice, friendly (as friendly as you can get when the AI is thrilled with 3 new weapons, chargebeam, and jumping abilities)
Right here

EDIT: I released a very early demo, you can’t play the adventure mode and offline only supports CTF. The controls go: arrow keys- move ; mouse- aim ; left mouse button- shoot ; z- switch visors ; x- switch weapons (can’t in training) ; ctrl- jump

really nice except for the textures / VERY VERY VERY low polly models. AI was pretty bad too and when u open doors they just pop open, no animation! and i can walk into samus’s ship. Also, i have 1 question… GAMEMAKER CAN MAKE 3D GAMES!?!