Metroid Last Mission


–Story Line–
After Smaus stoped the SA-X Beast, she headed home. It has now been 40 years since Samus’s encounter with the X-virus. Samus now has a family, she is happly married with one daughter, and a 17 year old grand daughted. On June,11,??? Samus was imformed that her thought to be dead arch enimie was very much alive. Mother Brain was back and stronger than ever. But this time she has 100 times the amount of Space Pirates that she had before, also higher levels of Space Pirates. Samus now at her age could not do anything. All hope was lost for planet Earth. The Galactic Federation had been trying to track Mother Brain for years, but could not find any trace of her. She had some how blocked the signle. Samus had to do something, so she talked to the GF General. But there was nothing that she could do. Samus at that point realized that she couldn’t do anyhitng, but her grand daughter could. Samus had no choice, she was going to weight until she was ready but she had no choice. She had to ask her grand duaghter to take her place as “Samus Aran The Greatest Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy”.