Metroid Last Mission


Ok here we go the best of them all… lol…
This is the one im goign to keep…
Oh and im Almost posative that there is no Plotholes in this one… lol…

–Story Line–
“After what happend on the B.S.L the Galactic Federationhad no choise but to strip me of my position”. Also there was no pint in keeping her. Mother Brain was destroyed once and for all, every last Metroid was erased from excistance, and the X-parasites were all gone… all but one."When the Galactic Federation striped me of my position, they also striped me of my Fusion Suit witch contains the SA-X. The GF scientists extracted the remaining X-parasite from the suit. But when the X-parasite was absorbed by the Fusion Suit, it was weekend by the Metroid DNA enhabiting the suit. So once they seperated it from the suit it was free to destroy. But before all mannor of human life was gone. A single SOS was sent out to there last hope “Samus Aran”.

Plot really isn’t that great. There are tons of plotholes too.
Motherbrain was made to control he defensive sysstems on planet
Zebes, once that planet was destroyed, mother brain no longer
has any reson to exist.

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Lol! Samus! Married? ROFL. I wouldn’t mind marrying someone that looks like Samus but comeon… you just killed Metroid…

Read. Now.

And um … No. Storyline … What world are you from? Cuz its not happening. Samus? Married?


this would be better as a fan fiction.

I’ll be nice… You want to make a game, I’ll help you. Yes, I’ll
program the engine and everything. I’m being very genorus,
so kleep that in mind.

…I’ll have a demo out tomarow or later on today.

EDIT: Finished basic engine for the game. Basic means all movement
systems done, and I also through in a morph ball expansion. Everything
seems to be working flawlessly, inf act, I tink this might be one of my
best engine so far.

May I sugest a new name for your game? Last missions sounds okay,
but I got a few wild ideas I thought about putting into the game. I even
added a few things to the engine so they would fit your plot.

My name name is “Metroid: Lacktation”. The game is going great so far,
I’ll keep everyone updated! :smiley:

Lacktation demo released. If any one wants the demo, simply
reply and I will post a link. IMO it’s pretty sweet so far.

I think my games are pretty sweet but I really don’t think others will… post the link.

ok. I expect Lacktation to be a great succes. I hope you all enjoy the demo! :smiley:

Tell me what you think after playing.

There is no link in the post…

Sorry, but I removed the link because it wasn’t working. I have to find another host.

EDIT: Lacktation found a new host! THis game is going to be huge.
I have a forum planned and everything. I am even thinking of making
Lacktation sigs and avys. Once you play through the demo, tell me
what you think of it! :slight_smile:

Metroid Lacktation


Arrow Keys: Move

Ctrl: Shoot Selected Beam

Down: Phazon Ball (sometimes refered to as Hyper Morphing)

Up: Aim upwards.

Were you trying to make it terrible? :smiley: cause I’m pretty sure you’re better than that.