Metroid III: Return to planet Zebes

The last Metroid,
is in captivity.

The galaxy,
is at peace…

Super Metroid.
What a classic.
All the normal, “jobs”, are avalible.
If you would like to help, please tell me what part(s) you would like or are willing to help with.
I want to also would like to a BETTER game making program.
And to the first who are going to help;
Gather up more.
Or in other words,
I want pros of Game Maker to gather and help.
This only requires one thing;

Also, make sure you have a talent in what you choose to do.
Or if you’re going to do two or more things,
make sure you have the talent for atleast one or two of the things!


Must we remake every metroid game there is?

So what exactly are you going to do for the project? Just saying you need the most talented people around isn’t going to get their attention, especially when it seems that this post is as far as the project has gotten so far.

But really, Super Metroid is an absolutely amazing, near-perfect game. Other than the lower framerate and the fact that it only uses 2-D graphics and one screen, it’s still pretty current-gen anyway. It doesn’t need a remake, and no fan project could ever come close to being as awesome.

However, that’s just my opinion. Go ahead and try, and if you do get a team together, I wish them luck. I just don’t like the goal of the project and think it should be more original.

Bittage and/or resolution. >>;

But Metroid360: Wouldn’t it be better if you made a list of members you need for the team?

… in Game Maker?

Riiight. This’ll go well.

I’m hoping to find a different Game Making program to put this on.

After a while of tinkering with gamemaker or what ever program your going to use and your comfortable try a low level language like C/C++, or C# (<3) you may find that you like making things from scratch I know I do. I mainly use GM to experiment with Ideas then I load up Visual C# Express and try to recreate the same effect. The XNA Framework is a pretty good platform to start MDX programming with although i don’t suggest using it since it’s still highly beta and has a huge amount of bugs.

One that you have no experience at all in? Good luck with that.

Just someone PLEASE tell me another program I can use.