Metroid History

Before Metroid or Metroid: Zero Mission:
–As the Chozo lived on Zebes they encountered a mimicing parasite known as X in Metroid Fusion. As a retaliation the Chozo built the greatest living parasite: the Metroid. All through it’s life it drains a mysterious “life” force out of it’s victim and growing in size until it grows to Alpha form (or Hunter form), then Gamma form, Zeta form, Omega and eventually Queen for a select few. Apperently Samus’ suit must run on the same energy for sheilding as when a Metroid latches on to her her sheilds go down.

Metroid or Metroid: Zero Mission:
–This is where the Metroid was first encountered by any Human being.

Metroid Prime:
–Tallon Metroid is dicovered as well as the form Hunter.

Metroid Prime II:
–No significance

Metroid II: Return of Samus:
–The natural life of Metroids is revealed.

Super Metroid:
–No signifacance

Metroid Fusion:
–X parasite finally discovered.

Visual Ageformations:

Um, Omegas were in M2… as were Queens… <_<

Also, the X–and thus the metroids too–came from SR388. Zebes was a peaceful colony. The only thing the chozo built there was Mother Brain.

… Well, peaceful until Ridley and his home dawgs (… I did not just say that) showed up, but, y’know what I mean.

Um, the tallon metroid whas not discovered in Metroid Prime, it was discovered in Metroid Prime 2.

And by the way, you know that the picture says that a metroid is about 3 meters tall, right?

Well that is for the Zebes Metroid it’s actually bigger than the Tallon Metroid even though it is mentioned in MP2 that it first metioned the Tallon Metroid. Tallon Metroids are generally smaller.

Yeah, Tallon Metroids were discovered in Prime 1, Chagi. <_<

That’s generally a good history for the metroid, aside from a few things already mentioned. Like the Omega Metroid. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean MP2 has no significance? You see baby metroids, a metroid cocoon, and a dark Tallon metroid. That aside, I remember seeing a really good metroid evolution chart not too long ago. It might have been on these forums ,but I don’t remember. I’ll try to find it though. In the mean time check this out Metroid: information from did I do that right?

Ever scanned a Metroid? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I have, do you want me to post the scan?

… Everywhere. Metroid Prime is on Tallon, ergo, all the metroids there would be Tallon Metroids. <_<

Tallon metroids were on Aether so there could’ve been Zebes metroids on Tallon!

Chances are… no.

but why are the tallon metroids red but the metroids in MP green?

Pirates tortured 'em. Pirates = Nazi.

Okay the cacoon thing no, that was a side affect by the dark energy. And Tallon Metroids are SMALLLER (sorry about that) and they are green because of the habitat, think about it, SR388: rocky. Tallon: 4-seasons. It’s all about their natural surroundings.

And Ridly=Hitler

Samus’s suit changed colors, it gained a notch on its visor, it gained a neck, and a few other details changed.

The pirates switched from a finger and two thumbs to two fingers and a thumb, and their lizardlike mouths turned into mandibles.

Dark Samus’s colors shifted quite a bit.

War Wasps COMPLETELY changed for their reappearence in Echoes, and then Hunters’s scan as being the same as those on Aether, despite looking like those on Tallon.

Yet no one gets into huge debates over why THESE changed. You don’t see topics claiming they can’t be the same characters because of them. And they are all far more drastic changes than simply losing the green hue.

Not to mention naming them as TALLON metroids proves that they’re the ones from Tallon…


Sure, Samus’s suit may have been upgraded slightly, that might explain the changes. The pirates clearly changed their equipment, hence changing the armor designs like hell. The Hunter Gunship likely got modified. So you COULD try to say that there has to be a reason for it to change beyond graphical style.

But that can’t explain the jaw-mandible and finger shifts or the war wasps, for instance. So you have to admit that SOME changes can exist without reason. And it’s quite likely that most of the others were graphical only as well.

I would think that there were graphical changes because they didn’t want to make the game that repetitive.

Okay, not sure if this has been said already, but Metroids are energy-based organisms that suck all forms of energy, not just the “life” energy within creatures. Samus’ suit obviously uses some kind of energy shielding - hence why her shields go down when one latches on.

Er, so they didn’t change? :confused:

… Okay, I completely butchered that sentence. <___<;;

From two thumbs and a finger to two fingers and a thumb, is what I should have said. @_@

When you say all forms of energy what exactly do you mean?

Two ideas:

(1)Metroids only absorb life-giving energy and Samus’s suit energy (which might be because it’s a part-living Chozo exoskeleton or something like that, not sure there. Probably just a plot hole.) That’s why they don’t absorb fire or forcefields, or light for that matter.

(2) Metroids can only absorb energy from something they can latch on to, because of their fangs. They can absorb ANY energy, but only from something they’re latching on to. This means that you could feed a metroid batteries! (if they’re big enough)
However, a Metroid’s hunting instincts make it only eat stuff that moves around like it’s living. It’s probably developed a method of figuring out what’s alive, and just sinking its teeth into whatever looks alive and edible, excepting Metroids.

Or maybe it can only absorb life-giving energy from things it can latch on to, and prefers living things.

These are just ideas to explain what kind of energy a Metroid can absorb, and why (if it can absorb ANY energy) it doesn’t eat walls and lava.