metroid gamecube bundle

I got the metroid prime gamecube bundle, you Know, the one that came with the prime 2 bonus disk and the silver gamecube…
Well, anyway, the only sequence break i have ever wanted to use is the on where you use the scan dash or the lock-on dash to get the space jump boots as the first item. Well… It just wont work. The disk is in perfect condition, and the gamecube is flawless. I have worked and worked. I have watched the videoes and everything. IT JUST WONT WORK!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :confused: :confused: I am so frusterated. Even my freinds have tried it. One of my freinds is an expert gamesman. He can find any glitch anywhere, but even he couldnt get it. I have a new controller, i have executed the button sequences correctly, and done all the stepps. Help please :laughing: :cry:

I think it doesn’t work with the Player’s Choice version in the game, as well as some other versions.

Correct. You need an original copy of the game to do it.

Now, there ARE still ways to do Spacejump First, they’re just a lot harder. Check the main sites for details [SCU/M2K2].

Thx, but i dont Know what you mean by "origional version…
Also, how do you post your quote?

What is meant by original version is the version of the game that came out around 2002. Most Metroid Prime games you find now are Player’s Choice versions, which have been modified to to get rid of some glitches/sequence breaks in Prime. No doubt they will do the same to Echoes when it goes to player’s choice, but that’s another topic.

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