metroid game screenshots for psp

ok, here i was making a game in lua code but it has its limitations, so im transfering in C++ coding which i need help and a lot because i dont know how to make in C++ so here is a screen shot:

backgrond menu option:

background for eboot:

and eboot icon:

trouble on my game is that samus runs like a crazy chocobo, lol which is unusual. but.meh, i need opinions…

Please post in the proper location.

ha ha, sorry but dude,
you warned me? im new and im so lost, i need a tour guide, lol :smiley:

a homebrew game for the psp? so i’d need firmware 1.5?..thats a problem. most people have 2.00 and up.

the game can be played from 1.00 to version 2.71 via eloader.
im also a member from a homebrew and emu site for consules.
if you have a psp around those versions your in good luck.
this game is not out cause im making a ds emulator for psp with help of my cousin, and also i made a movie “metoid” in flash format…
but now this game i want to turn in C++

SHIT I HAVE 2.80…aww…u cant make it go any farther?

or actually is it still possible to downgrade a little? or are ther only downgrade that go from 2.00 to 1.50?

No, the warning was for the spam and sig :stuck_out_tongue:

ha ha h, it downgradable up to 2.71
2.80 they already hacked but its unstable to run homebrew and worse the downgrade. you better wait for fanjita to finish :smiley:

Can i see your flash? :smiley:>

i can but i didnt upload to any uplaod thingy and the file is over 200MB, i might give you the intro of the movie, like a trialer thing which is convinient and the file is enough for me to give out (i got dial u, sad isn’t it?)

i never knew just anyone could make a game 4 the psp platform…

go to google and search psp homebrew…theres been games made for it since it came out…
im a member there, theres one metroid game from ninja9393 coded in lua.
helped a little, but samus runs like a crazy chocobo :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like the big N isnt going to be happy about this. im sure if they find out, they’ll stop it because its 4 the psp.

>_> he’s talking about a homebrew game not an actual published title >_>

well, i know, but i doubt if they hear about it, they wouldnt like it that much. seeing as how metroid is trade-marked.

then again, they dont really care about p2d… either that or they havn’t found out about it yet.

nintendo cant do anything. unless he tries to make money off it. because there just so happens to be a bounty hunter whos name just so happens to be samus. who just so happens to have a…big N

ha ha ha, the big N.
nintendo cant do nothing unless your selling the game and claim the sprites, sound or anything that is property from retro or nintendo (both) as your own, so my game i will give credit to those who helps me in this game, and a huge thanks to nintendo for the greatest game ever, if they ever see it and play it
hey! gues what, some people wants this game as a wireless multiplayer game battle! that means that i need hunters in order to make this workfor the psp!

include sa-x,the hunters from metroid prime3, some gf troopers and suitless samus too then…and how do you enable wireless to homebrew for the psp???

well cant tell you but it is really complixcated to make it work that you want it to do via adhoc… also make each psp player have their own enviroment which i need help to do that…