Metroid: Galaxy Undersiege *Shelved*

Metroid: Galaxy Undersiege Shelved

I’ve been working on this game for about a year (mostly the Samus Model) on and off and I fully intend’ed’ to finish it (till MP3:C came along).

But lets cut to the chase.

One of the GFed member planets, protected under a newly operational global shield gets attacked out of the blue, the attack breaks through or rather disables the shield. Samus is on this planet at the time and well trys to find the phantom attacker without any contract (or not from the start anyway) with GFed.

The attack was a blast from the other side of the gallaxy by an unknown source
(I’m talking in terms of a prolouge) the location of the attackers firing position is unknown. The general direction from where the attack came from (very very general) is known but the search area could be billions by billions by trillions of miles in volume. The energy path that the blast can from is very hard to trace because it is has very little uniqueness from trails left from common cargo convoys
and it evidently branched and forked off for some reason (like lightning).

Samus is going to need more than her tracking skills as a bounty hunter to find the source.

GFed military forces are spread thin because of harassing Space Priate raids and peace keeping operations between a planet and its moon that is in civil war.
The largest group (about the size of a platoon) that GFed can spare to help search is on the far side of the galaxy opposite the direction the attack came from. Samus is in this alone…for now.

In the second phase of the attack Samus was outside trying to assist a rescue team free victims of a hover bus crash cause by the massive EMP (Eletro-Magnetic Pulse) that brought down the global shield (lots of similar crashes are all over the effected area). She was in her armour suit when the main attack hits. She was defenseless and under the massive strain the suit had to endore the suit’s OS reset (but the suit still stayed intact) and while it was rebooting the control modules for soon of the suits functions where corrupted by the heavy EMI (Eletro-Magnetic Interferance) Thus throughout the beginning and most the game the suit’s and ship’s computer task themselves trying to decode and recover lost abilitys. Thus a profound charateristic on Metroid Games is kept.

New Features:
-mouse aiming system
-flying & fighting

I’m gona upload the old project before the new engine changes later to give you an idea of what it was like
old project

Engine Demo 1.0

New Demo Coming Download Demo 2.0

Ok, the title sounds like Metroid ROM. You might want to change that.

RoMB is just the code name for now
the full title is…
Metroid Prime: Return of Mother Brain

How is MB revived? lemme guess, with phazon?

No to the phazon… all it does is mutate and corupt stuff but it has huge potental for power and weapon apps. read first post I’m addin to it.

Do you remember how we found out Adam helped Samus in Fusion. His brain was scanned into the Computer (Network or by chance just the ship that GFed let Samus barrow I don’t know)

This is how it works… Mother Brain (MB) was smart enough (haha…brain = smart mother x brain = ?ber smart) to backup itself (being intergrated with comptuers which do crash breeds this knowledge…I would know.) to multiple mainframes in remote outposts. It also preserved some of it’s cell cultures in several labs so it could be regenerated.

But this time MB is better intergrated with computers for maximun efficiency.
If other words it has less organic components. Being the Master Mind of the Space Pirates doesnt mean MB just moves the troops around, being networked to every mainframe and every research lab, MB is the first to know any discovery and also does a little more than 50% of the research.

I see. It sounds like a good storyline. So how does Samus fit in?

read top I just updated ( my fingers hurt)

I see. Sound’s good too me.

Cool. Great story!


I have an old demo (5 months old or so) that you can play, but that has chance a alot and in the new demo i’m woking on you probibly would not recognize it.

download hereMetroid Prime RoMB

why do you use a model in a sidescrooling game?

Inovative and new. Not to mention cool.

Cool I guess.

what I’m doing is what I heard called prespriting. Useing a 3D model to make sprites by poseing and rendering and making a 2d sprite. Most of (if not all) of the games sprites will be like this to be consistant.

here are some of my older models. the current one will be very similar to the last one /

Ooh, very stylish indeed!

You mean like Super Mario Bros. DS-ish?

What do you mean by that?

The New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS is a 2D side scroller with 3D models for enemies and characters.

Will you be making cut-scenes for this game using your 3D models? Because if you did make cut-scenes it would be very cool. To tell you the truth I didn’t believe in this game until I saw the demo… The demo is very nice. Great work you have there.

the answer to the cut-scenes is…f-yea the whole prologue (attack sequence) will be cut-scenes and there will be multipe cut-scene throughout the game. For instance…when the origin fires its main blast in the beginning of the story

oh by the way… thanks for the compliments, they give me the drive to get this thing done.

Looking good so far! :smiley:
Can’t wait to see the finished copy!