Metroid Fusion Beta Remake

I have decided to take up the MF Beta project once more…

I know that not many people read my posts… but if you do, please leave a comment with what you think I should have in my remake of Fusion.

So far I have:

Better Sa-X AI
More Bosses
Better Effects
A playable intro (When she is on SR388)
More Sectors: Jun, Junk sector. Lab, Laboratory Sector.
More Sa-X Chases
oh… and you start out with Morphball and Charge Beam.

Thank you Kousoro for the engines

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you won’t find many people who care until you actually have something to show. We’re a few years out of the golden age of Metroid fangames and everyone has seen dozens of projects that died before they got past an early engine demo. It’s fun to brainstorm, I know that personally, but just take a look through the Fangames section (which is also where this thread should be) and see the wasteland of “I have this idea and I started an engine”.

Keep working though, but again, not many people are still up for investing time into ideas with nothing behind them.

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i think its a great idea when could we expect a demo?

Please refrain from bumping 6 year old topics unless making a major contribution.

As far as I am aware Mr.Aran has not shown their head around these parts since late 2012, and nothing was ever made for this project. This was an idea without execution, as are 99% of the fangames you will find on this board.