Metroid Fusion--> 3-D

Weve thought about MP and MP2E in 2-D, what do you think SM, MZM, and MF would be like in 3-D? I think these games would KICK ASS in 3-D! I mean, just imagine the omega metroid in 3-D, the SA-X would be like dark samus is, and mother brain.
These games are sweet in 2-D. Imagine them in 3-D. cries

that would be awsome!!!It would kick @DSAWRFDAWRFA!!!

It would be cool but with the many secrets and angles that practically NEED a 2-D view would be hard to find. And how would you Space Jump and Screw Attack straight up from a 3-D perspective?

You could probaby look up first, so you see where you will be jumping…

If metroid fusion would be 3-d.What about metroid 2 in 3-d.

I personally don’t like the idea of Metroid games designed for 2D being transfered to 3D. 3D to 2D is bringing it back to classic Metroid…

That, and I would cry when I got to Phantoon in Super Metroid. If… that’s the name of the ghost thingy that you have to shoot in the eye.

I hate that thing. It’s annoying, and ugly enough in 2D. I don’t need to witness it’s ugly in a full 3D texture, thank you.

as far as jumping goes, it would be in 3rd person like the screw attack.
I wonder what kraid would be like in 3-d.

metroid fusion is perfectly fine, and in my opinion perfect as is, you are taking a far step making it 3d, i am almost certain it would be screwed up, so absolutely no!

Like this.

Wow… WTF is up with his head? cool though :wink:

Wasn’t he actually supposed to be included in the game or something like that?

Kraid was supposed to be included in Metroid Prime but was never put in due to time restraints. Some say in place of Omega Pirate, but last I heard that was false. He was supposed to be put somewhere down there in the Phazon Mines, at least…

As for his head, I’m guessing they would’ve made him “Meta Kraid”, just like Ridley in that game. So you have to blast through the metal helmet to probably temporarily get to his eye(s) while dodging his belly spikes and claw swipes and teeth bites… There needs to be a 3-D Kraid sometime soon. :angry:

yeah… 3d kraid would be pretty 1337. that model looks kind of wierd though. everything is right until u get to the head XD

Yea they definatly need a 3-d kraid. I think Kraid will come in metroid prime corruption cause you also have to fight ridley (not meta) so seems logic to me, they wanna give a big final with all classic bosses…

well it could be from a third person perseptice? that would be a first

thank you. ive **** my pants due to the awesomeness of that kraid pic

(ok not really, but you get the point)

The pics awesome but i didn’t sh*t my pants :stuck_out_tongue:

walks off squish squish

You know Metroid Prime was almost 3rd person. They actually made a 3D version to test. And about 3D Fusion: Mentioned to often. You would have to make SERIOUS change to the mapping or else all you are going to have is rectange rooms.

It would be good if they made Zero mission in 3D,but not like prime.
It would be like NSMB,exept everything Pre-rendered.And the backgrounds 3D looking.Just imagine those chozo tunnels in the background…

damit i kneed to organise myself first things first a 3D 3rd person metroid game is needed…desperately and second Kraid must be in Corruption or heads will roll quite far
yes far… :smiling_imp: