Metroid Fusion 1%

Do you want a challenge.Well go to…n_1_percent.txt. It is a guide to beat metroid fusion with 1%.You have to beat the game with 99 energy and 15 missles and some power bombs.

That is vary much impossible :confused:

That’s been around since the week after Fusion’s release. <_<

And you can actually get 0% aswell.

How no relly How :confused:

Insane skillz, lightning-fast thumbz

How do you get 0%? :confused:

holding a shinespark up to the area of a super missile blocker, the shinesparking through it

The 0% technique is possible, but unbelievably hard. Last time I checked, it has only been done with emulators, with plenty of save states, and at very low speeds.

Here’s the Metroid 2002 topic for it, if you’re interested (it has videos):

As for 1%, yeah, I’ve done it quite a few times. I actually think it’s easy, with the exception being Nightmare, but he still only takes me maybe 20 tries or so (he’s right next to a save station, so if you die you can fight him right away again, and his battle is short anyway, so 20 isn’t much).

I still think it’s hard

Hard isn’t the word for it. Impossible is more like it. Without getting hit by the Omega Metroid isn’t hard, it’s impossible.

…How would you get hit by the Omega Metroid? O_o
The thing sits there and crawls forward, and all you have to do is get near it and fire up. I don’t think I’ve ever accidentally taken a hit from it, EVER.

Oh, and just to let you know, it’s impossible for it to be impossible, since it’s obviously possible. :wink:

that’s not true. i dont think ive EVER done a battle with him and didn’t lose health…

and besides… he hits u for 99 damage at the beginning of the battle (semi cutscene) so how could u survive THAT with only 1 energy tank?

He doesn’t hit you for 99 damage, he hits you and your health goes to 1, so you survive no matter what. Yes, you do have to take a hit from the Omega Metroid, but once you can actually damage him it’s ridiculously easy. Just get close to him, fire a few shots, run away when he’s about to attack, and repeat. If you’re fast enough you don’t have to worry about him attacking.

I guess all the practice of making it through the entire game without energy tanks makes the Omega Metroid seem easier than the first boss…

Also, in Zero Mission, when you have a low percentage the boss’s hit for less health and your weapons are stronger. Is this true with fusion? If so, than it doesnt seem that hard.

Re-word please? OIC. No i seriously doubt it but I’m not sure. If that happened it would pretty much make the game too easy.

yeah, i got down to like 7 percent with fusion, and that was insanely hard (cough, ridley, cough), 0 percent must mean past my 7 percent blisters…think that dude still has thumbs…? also, im not sure about the zero mission thing, when i played zero mission, it was a borrow from a friend. also, if anyone can help me out, once you get to the pirate ship, can you get back to the other place you started? (the planet, isn’t there a door somewhere near a wall that needs powebomb or something, sorry, not too many details, i need to buy the game)

its really hard to explain, but you know the tube you run through on your way to the chozo ruins? blast that open with a power bomb and go left. continue your path until you get to the createria tunnel =D

so after all that stuff i can go back to the places i visited earlier at the beginning of the game? do things change like space pirates there or anything?

nothing changes, and yes, you can go back to the beginning.

if you look in the instruction booklet i belive there is a picture of gravity samus on top of the bomb blocks leading to kraid. i might be mistaken though.