Metroid funny pics

Here is one i did.

its weird but i was bored when i made it.
here is another picture i found funny.Midget samus!

please post any others you find!

You know, there already was a topic like this somewhere around here…

Ok, the first one isn’t funny, it’s creepy. No offense, but you have GOT to be high to make that…
The second one isn’t that bad… unless you include the fact that she’s midgetized…

wtf? i’m gonna have nightmares tonight… :frowning: :sweat:

That second one looks like someone did a lot of work in taking a pic of Viewtiful Joe and editing the image to make a varia suit. I’m pretty sure Cowbomb on SCU had a sig with that pic in it.

Metroid-a-go-go baby! :laughing:

actually some of us have something called “imagination” and anyway i said i was bored when i made that.
anyway, here is another one.she needs a bigger closet!

lol. I like that one, mainly because it’s well done. I don’t really find it all that funny.

Okay, so I guess you’re high AND you have an imagination. As do all of us when we’re high… Does that arouse any suspicion? :>_>:

Yet you ‘laughed out loud’?

It’s good but the hell is that ugly white thing right above the phazon suit? If it’s supposed to be a thong… It doesn’t look like one and it is cliging to a slanted smooth edge… weird.

Do you even know what a thong looks like?



You need a big closet to keep all of that equipment… a very big closet.

that was random… :unamused:

How the hell was that random? It has complete relevance.

I didn’t know Samus liked pink…

Well you know, it’s not really hard to believe considering she is female…

I meant womens underwear. I was typing quickly… :>_>:

Good Point. That picture is still funny, though.