Metroid: Fall Of Zebes

Samus flies away from Zebes’s explosion, and searches space for any left over Pirate activity. Her search is interrupted by a message from the Galactic Federation…Zebes remains! Samus is told she must go back, to search for any survivors. As she approaches, she sees the planet, nearly torn in half. The lower part of the planet, is mostly dead, surrounded by volcanic erruptions, and storms. However, scans indicate the upper half, still contains lifesigns. Samus lands on Crateria’s rainy surface. She gets out of her ship, and is soon knocked unconcious by a close ranged explosion. One day has passed. She wakes up, noticing she lost her abilities, down to her Power Suit, Power Beam, Morph Ball, and Power Grip. She scans more of the room, and recognizes Space Pirate technology. She stands up, and gets ready to go. (I’m not gonna go into detail of every room) She leaves the Pirate Mothership, about to be taken over by the Federation’s forces. Samus gets a message from the Olympus’s Admiral Dane. Samus is told to land on Zebes. He will meet her there, but there are matters to discuss…

Sprites are ZM style, need some Sprite help.

Areas: Crateria, Brinstar, Brinstar Depths, Norfair, Norfair Depths, Maridia, Chyndra, Pirate Base, Tourian

Here are the sprites that need to be done, or “found”

Golden Torizo
A Boss for Maridia (ideas appreciated)
A Boss for Chyndra (ideas appreciated)
Pirate Commander

anything you can really think of

almost any background would be appreciated

need LOTS of tiles for each place

all I can think of for now, so w00t

w00t, first post, lol

Uh… is anything done yet?

Yeah, all beams but Nova. (Zurg is doing Nova) Suits are done. Upgrades are done. Some random new enemies. Old enemies can just be ZM rips. But I don’t think any programming is done…correct me if I’m wrong.
Should I post them?


Yay for King Zurg!!!


Yep, SM Brinstar is back! Both red and green sections. Zurg, I edited the HUD a bit, and I’ll post both that pic, and a second in a bit :]

fixed for real english

What’s that? Screenshots are here?!? :astonished:

sorry Zurg, had to fix it a lil’

Yay Norfair, yay Aura Suit

Once again, sorry Zurg, had to fix some more stuff. But I’m thankful your helpin’ me, period. :smiley:

Are those in-game screens or just mockups? I’m guessing they’re mockups.

just because its british doesn’t mean its more real than american english…

Sorry Rundas, but I won’t be on for like 3-4 days.
Getting my new computer running. :smiley:

I wish I had experience programming for something that looked this good >_>. But yeah, really, it LOOKS good. I don’t quite get the Aura Suit, but how could I? :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanishes into the Shadows

Okay Zurg, enjoy the new computer.

Saber, we had a lot of trouble with names, Aura suit was the only thing we could think of that made some sense and sounded cool at the same time. The Aura Suit is Space Pirate technology, but surprisingly contains more intelligence, for like hacking a terminal or something. The Aura part, refers to it’s side effect, that allows you to be well hidden from space pirates, until you do something swift, or touch them. And these screens may be mockups, but the real game will look very similar. Also, Ridley ain’t in the game, we decided his buddy deserved the spotlight and fame as the big boss this time! Oh, and he’s much more “mecha” then he ever was! :smiley:

@ Pomegranate and Sytax Man: >_> <_< I’m with P there


Stealth does not work in metroid, MZM proved that.

Apart from that, the mockups look pretty awesome, now you just need an awesome engine to go with it :stuck_out_tongue:

@Syntax man, are you a troll or something? Do you have mental issues leaving you unable to understand that other people can have different views?

what, you dont like hide and seek?

Not in Metroid, no.

yeah, that wasnt really the best part, but i still enjoyed it xD

and mostly i just wanted to say hide and seek xDD

Well PY, the differance between this and ZM is that the stealth is entirely optional, if you want you can still vape pirates like normal.