Metroid: Escape mission

Are you interested in helping me with my game?

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I have started my game, it is called Metroid escape mission- Thanks to
Varia_Phazon_Suit for the name!
here is the story- Right after samus escapes the bsl station, a massive wave of space pirate ships shoot down samus and she is captured then imprisoned in the space pirate mother ship. Most of your weapons will be stolen by the space pirates and you have to work your way around the ship killing space pirates, bosses and colecting your weapons back.

What kind of help do you need? I’d be interested in getting any experience when it comes to desigining games. (Just don’t ask me to do heavy programming >.< I’m still a n00b in that field).

The bad thing is that I sorta am too. Thats why Im callin for help.
Besides that, are you experienced in spriting?

I can do sprites but I’m not THAT good.

I’m not that good at making my own sprites but ripping from other games I can do. I also have good experence mapping though it all depends on what you’re using to make the game. Also if you need a script or anything (doubt it if it’s a Metroid game), I’ve been told I’m a good writer.

Im pretty good at ripping and making my own sprites, its just that I suck at using game maker! :frowning:

I love environment building. It is my expertise! I can help you with the background layers and environments, tile placing, and over all level building. And I am well aquainted with game maker, if that helps.

If you can direct me to some tutourals I can possibly learn whatever non coding thing you need me to do. Also, I’m trying to learn game maker and I know how to make sprites animated for it so if you want someone who’s willing to do that, I’ll be willing to take some of the work and do it. It’s pretty easy if you know how to use image ready.

I might be able to do enime sprites

I can’t make anything except concepts, but I’d be glad to help in my spare time. :>_>:

I can use game maker for making games like pacman and galaxian but definitly not a metroid game, Not enough expireance to do that. Sits in corner and cries :cry:

It’s difficult to get her to move just right and to impliment the morph ball and all the other crazy features. So I commend anyone who knows what they’re doing and can do it.

The most I can do is make her move left and right. :frowning:

I just noticed something, Space Pirates are experimenting with Samus’s tech. BWAHAHAH! I feel sorry for the ones playing with the Morph Ball. I plan to take designing next year in 9th grade.

Since they are expirementing with samus’s tech, maby I could start designing a space pirate with some features of the power suit.

Naturally with a story like that you will need space pirates. Leave them to me, mates. Yarr ‘n’ stuff.

Could you make me some space pirate comandos?

Could I make commandos… gahaha, commandos are only my favorite game enemy in history! My sheet is nearly complete, actaully. Gehehehe… “can Daz make commandos”… GAHAHAHAHAH! :smiley: :smiley: They should be done by the end of the week, and you can use them freely.

I got her to go in the morph ball but I had to use diffrent keys to do it and I can’t get her back up >.<. Maps I seem to be ok with making though. If you want maps and backgrounds I’ll see what I can do.

Remember, most of the game takes place inside of the space pirate mother ship so think mzm!