Metroid Engine

Im making a Metroid game very similar to Metroid Prime in many aspects. It has no title right now. And the demo will be a slightly modified version of Metroid Prime’s Space Pirate Frigate. My engine currently uses MZM graphics but I plan to use pre-rendered graphics for the actual game. I would like to ask permission to use P2D’s graphics for my first demo as the pre-rendered graphics I am going to use are not complete as of now. All P2D graphics would be replaced with my own when they are complete. If your answer is yes then I promise not to abuse them in any way.

Ive decided to post the .gm6 editable. This will hopefully help some newer programmers to make their metroid dream come true. The actual engine is not to be used under any circumstances. It’s purpose is only to help others see how more complicated things can be programmed. Many things still need to be programmed and four glitches still remain as i havnt had time to fix them. Enjoy it and i hope it helps the many newbs out there.

Metroid Engine

Chances that members will give permission: >01%. What language?

greater than 1%? ok…

Its in GM for now, though it will hopefully be in C++ in the future. (im still learning c++)

Damnit! I always get inequality backwards! They always ruin my games! Customizable controls would be nice.

customizable controls will definantly be added soon. Ill probably post the engine tomarrow. Possibly the .gm6, but dont count on it (I dont like giving away my work)

“In the future,” eh? C++ is a very hard language. o.o; It takes a while to master. I hope you mean “future” as in a long time. No offense.

I personally can find no offense in here, but w/e :sweat: . C++ is a very hard language indeed. Others have found GML to be a great stepping stone on the way to C++. Me on the other hand…

Nah. GML to C++ is murder. I’d recommend moving onto Visual Basic or something. Visual Basic is a language that is easy to learn, but very close in code to C++.

GML has limited potential. Visual Basic doesn’t. However, with the use of DLLs GML can extend.

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Also, I’m not finding the switch from GML to C++ that difficult. C++ functions are just like GM “scripts”, C++ classes are just like GML objects, etc. There are some new things, like pointers, scope, variable types, and such, but it’s not as much to learn as, say, 1000 of those GML functions. The most annoying thing about C++ is setting up APIs so that you aren’t just stuck in that boring old console box iostream, but the language itself isn’t that bad. Of course, that’s assuming that you don’t find programming in GML that hard, either.

I recommend AT LEAST learning a GUI-less language first. Yes, GML scripts are like C++, but GML does A LOT of things for you that C++ or any other language won’t. GML doesn’t give you a lot of control like C++ or any other language either

I hate doing headers in C++. And I don’t even know how to use Allegro. >_< I wish there was a tutorial on it.

Anybody have a bunch of headers I could use? :smiley:

You realize how nonsensical what you are saying is, right?

Also, you don’t even seem to have any idea about how C++ works, since:

a) ‘Headers’ are nothing but macros, keyword definitions (aka constants), definitions of custom enum types, definitions of needed structures, and usually declarations of functions and classes. But guess what? Headers won’t do a thing if you don’t the matching library to link to.

b) There’s no ‘headers you can use’. Either you use the STL, the Standard C Library, or make your own headers based on what you have coded. Using someone else’s header forces you to have and use their lib, and code the way THEY want you to.

Anyways… Good luck on your game. I really think you should use Gamemaker (MMF2 if you like clickteam stuff), it’s rather easy to learn, and is much quicker than programming a game from scratch.

Sorry i havnt posted ina while, ive been really busy. Ill post the game today. And I am having a hard time going from Gm to C++. I make Take that advice of going to Visual Basic first. MMF, heh…not happening. Not my kinda program. But wutever GM is just fine.

Just use GM man. If you don’t have any history programing, C++ or Visual Basic, or even Java is not for you. Unless you want to spend countless hours learning the logic behind it. You don’t need all the experience for GM. GML is much easier to comprehend, and as said before, it does a whole lot for you. Trust me, its more than equipped to handle 2d platform games.

I don’t get why people say, “you want to make a Metroid? Easy, simply learn
and use C++. It gives you total control over your game. GM can’t handle
a Metroid game, so grab your GUI C++ programming book and get busy :wink:”?

First of all,like Axion said GM works fine, and I have seen some great Metroids made on there. And how much control do you actually need over your game?
This is just me, but I’m not willing to spend countless hours (months, years)
learning C++ just to make a Metroid fangame that would take forever to program.

maybe your misunderstanding me, im already an expert at GM. I want to learn a more advanced language. So I may start with VB next. Then eventually c++. And, yes i do want to spend countless hours learning them :wink:.

BTW, i havent been able to post the game as ive not had internet connection for about 3 days now. Ive been posting here from my Wii and from school :smiley:. So when i can get insternet at my house again or get it onto a cd to take to school ill upload it. Sorry for the wait. I should have it up tomarrow, but who knows :/.

ok, i finally have internet back now. So i will post the game today along with some screens.

Great, look foward to seeing your work if you are already an expert GM user, i have high expectations! :slight_smile:

EDIT: So much for you posting the game today…

OMG, soo sorry i got really busy, im uploading it now so in a few min itll be on here. Jesus, I don usually procrastinate like that.

EDIT- check the first post.