Metroid Engine Test

Hi people! Im new here, but I’m not new to GM, I know quite a bit of GML.

I might release the source when im finished with it.

Download here

Experimental Metroid Engine
by Wild8900

Note- This is an engine test, it is not complete. There are bugs I am aware of.

Left/Right arrow- move left or right
Run left or right for a while- build up boost speed
up/down- aim diagnol up/down or strait up/down
down (while stationary)- crouch
down (while in crouch)- morph into ball
A+(up/down)- aim diagnol while stationary
Z- jump
X- shoot beam
C- shoot missile
F2- unorganized debug

Engine contains-
FULL 8 direction aiming
working HUD and health engine
Speed booster with booster blocks
wall jumping
test missiles and a beam
morphball and croching
Morphball, Bomb, and Speedbooster items

Great engine…work on the wall jump a bit more

Thanks, did you find and bugs?

Umm some thing I noticed:

1.Backroung moving…like ur standing but it moves
2.You can go under the blocks

No bugs found

  1. The background moving thing is part of my simple paralax BG idea. Im trieing to flatten the bugs out in that.

  2. what do you mean? morph ball? walking? speedbooster?

  3. what do you mean? :confused:

this is the result of my object masks being to large. I should cut them down. Is that what you mean by flying?

The beam shots and missiles shoot out of the middle of Samus’s sprite instead of the beam, and the speed booster starts instantly… It should slowly gain speed first.

And GM has a big problem with too many objects. Some computers run fine with lots of objects, while others slow down after about ten. And it seems not to depend on how slow or fast the computer is. It’s just random. I’m saying that because this game runs slowly on my computer, and I normally can run games with lots of objects. Try to get rid of half those instances, okay? :wink:

when u jump under a block u go behing the sprite…get it?

Oh, Thats because I set the object mask to be 32 pixels tall. In the game samus’ head goes behind things to fit in tight spaces, it can be easily fixed but I like it.

I don’t know if anyone else ran into this, but when I jumped into the life orb thingies (the purpleish-red things) the sprites didn’t go away. If I jumped into them again, I wouldn’t gain life anymore, so it’s like the instance was destroyed, but the sprite stayed.

umm…not for me

You cant take energy you dont have space for, your tanks were mostlikely full.

no, I let that metroid suck a good all-but-one tank out of me.

Holy crap… that’s great!

How long did it take you to make this?



Same here. Morphball bombs unlock many things…

Woah, there’s IBJ, too? I used infinite wall jumps, as implied in my post.

Lol, good find, Ill work on wall jump and morph ball timing.

I liked it 8)

best engine i’ve seen except for the wall jump problem good work

the metroid should stick to you until you bomb it (or freeze it), you have a way of getting off edge of screen (people have already posted the screenshots of that), the wall jump needs to be less restricting on the direction you move, the purple energies are supposed to dissapear whenever you pick them up (regardless of health), that was im guessing not a real metroid, but a weaker version from super metroid (since regular weapons affected it), (if that is the case then maybe they cant latch on and i am wrong (i never got touched by a weaker metroid)), when you collect energy tanks, make sure that it doesn’t fully heal you but instead just brings up another tank, speed booster needs to be gradual, bombs need to be worked on for timing (though they will certainly work right the way they are), when in morph ball mode if you speed boost, you should not be able to turn other direction and still be in speed bost, you need to make it so that speed boost has about a second of (wear off time) in which you continue to skid forward, and the backgrounds seemed to work fine for me (though i would like to know how you got the backgrounds to move as good as they did!). overall it needs some work until perfection, but i would give it a B+ as a current metroid engine, keep up the work, and with a little more work, it should be perfect! very good job!