Metroid Engine Physics Demo

Out of lack of better things to do, and having handed over my own original long-term GM project to the “team”'s level designer until he finishes creating multiple stages for a public demo, I decided to find some Super Metroid sprites and just give a Metroid engine a try. I probably won’t proceed to create any more of this engine any time soon - unless I get bored and desperate enough - but I figured I may as well do something with it.

The demo includes the functionality of Samus walking, jumping, and crouching, as well as the morphball and morphball bombs (poorly self-sprited out of laziness and inability to find any SM morphball bomb sprites on the net). A few glitches remain. This is nothing close to P2D. Here’s the link:…EngineDemo4.exe

Controls are:
-Space to jump
-F to create morphball bombs
-Left/Right to move
-Down to crouch > morph ball
-1 & 2 to change stages

Just an fyi; my giving out the editable GM file of this engine is not a likely action. Although I really don’t have much use for it now, I might pick it up and develop more in months or even years from now. It’d most likely take anyone a few days to figure out exactly what all of the code is for and how it works, anyways.

It wouldn’t run for me when I saved it… until I realized that I had actually saved an HTML page saying This site has been suspended[/color], as an exe. >_>;

ROFL. I never use ‘Save Target As…’, I always went into the site and looked for a download button.

My webservice is back up; the link ought to work now. If not, try:

I have a feeling this isn’t supposed to happen:


I simply hit the spacebar a few times

Yeah… That’s pretty strange. Well, I did say that there are still bugs, eh? xP

Heh, in my first time opening the demo, I jumped to the right and fell through the floor. I can’t get that to happen anymore.

Other than some small bugs… Nice job. thumbs up
The morph ball is pretty cool on ramps.

Heheh cool, thanks. Glad you like it.

Yeah it’s strange; in all of my fullscale platform game engines there’s always a fall through-the-floor-at-corners glitch that occurs at random times. I really don’t know why it happens, but it’s really annoying lol.