Metroid Engine (GM6)

Metroid Engine
I’d like to note that it is very buggy and best used to learn off of
Also, there are a few unused pieces of code in there that are
probably best left alone :wink:

This engine is good, But i have one question: How come, when i extend the rooms, When I go into the new extended area, the screan just goes blank, Ive tried adding a new sector in the Room Creation Event, but I can’t get it to work

Ummm…when you press shift, the doors disapear…when you press control, there is an error…
there’s a bunch of stuff, I don’t understand…:smiley:

He did say there are still some bugs. And I found some obvious ones. When you take the elevator down, you can’t take it back up, and the door down there doesn’t work.

Though pretty buggy this is a huge step in Metroid fan game making. Good job WWF. So far it looks promising.

Thanks a lot man! I’ve been looking for somone like you for a long time now. I’ll edit when I try it.
edit: Really nice, just a little buggy at times, but Can I use it for a fangame? Credit given.

When tried it it said in the gamemaker you must be registered.How do you register.

You Pay.

This is why I stick to actual programming.

…In fact, most programmers/hackers agree with me.

you can get rid of those stuff if you want to, i just used to use those pieces of code for testing stuff

sure you can

that’s around the time i got bored with it and stopped working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

what exactly do you mean by that?

for some reason when object hud is in a room the screen goes blank and only shows the obj hud. how do I fix that?

why are game engines so hard to make?
it would be soo much easier if they had pre made engines. Ive spent the last few weeks trying to make one so samus can walk, and the help file is no help wat so ever!
i just wanna make a story, i dont really wanna be fidiling around with all the psyics and stuff

You can always download the platform engine and edit samus into that

i tryed, it was really poor. the psyics and gameplay were totaly wrong for the game play

eh, I have a good ‘engine’, so to speak… the physics need work, but I can do that. but you really HAVE to change the gun mechanism, it doesn’t work AT all…
I’ll post a link for it when I am back at my windows computer. It…needs… a bit of work with most things… I think I might just wipe everything but the basic stuff (the physics stuff, walking, jumping, that stuff.)

and the help file was always rather useless, I thought… download a tutorial.

sounds good to me, ill give you credit if i use it!

as for the tutorial, it stummped me, i didnt even know wat it was saying half of the time

Alright then. Might take a while, though. It’s on a computer that currently has a dead modem… and I’m almost positive it won’t fit on a floppy disk.
edit: and no, it doesn’t have a cd burner.
edit 2: Alright, in less then five minutes I came up with the solution. I will take the hard drive out of the computer, and stick it in my other one. According to all I learned, it should work.
and did you get the tutorial off of the game maker website itself?

np man, ive got all the time in the world to wait! no school, no job, and no g-f… its all gravey… but back to the subject

yea, i tryed the one off the offical site and it didnt tell me anything, just blinded me with science

lol, meaning the platformer one? or something else?

Yeah, I didn’t really get it at first either…

Yeah, actually, WWakerFan’s engine was a freakin HUGE help in my fangame. It basically gave me all the ideas for my Metroid Xenic engine. The only thing I didnt get ideas from this engine on was the room transitions, the map system, or the arrays for the views. I made my own of those;)

Dude, that is what fangaming is all about. Not to sound rude, but I work on the sprites, the environment, the programming, the physics, the storyline, the artwork, and basically everything by myself. The only ones helping me are Aura (internet space, game maker registration, and some providing some good material to work with) and Sploder (fed troop and other misc sprites). This is one of the reasons that I am not gonna give my engine out. The others are that I promised that Aura would be able to have it first, and that it is probly so hard to understand there would be no use having it for yourself. I do things weird when it comes to coding, lol.