Metroid Ecliption


Its taken a while, but its finally here. I released it a while back, but I guess I never made a topic for it here at P2d. Then again, I don’t come here much. Anyways. This, as the topic description clearly states, is a GBA styled side scrolling Metroid adventure, much inspired by a mix of MP2:E and the Half Life games. It takes place after Metroid Prime 2, even through that probably doesn’t make sense seeing as how Prime 3 comes after, but at this point I don’t care too much about the official plot. Its not like I could find a better place to throw this into the storyline. So.

Here are a few screen shots.

To download, click below. Its around 7 megs.
Demo 1.1

Press F1 for controls.

Its pretty much been hit and miss with the physics, some people are having issues, while for others its running fine. Apparently it can crash rather easily, even though when I beta tested it for myself I couldn’t get it to crash at all. Very strange. So please report any bugs in detail, as in error messages and such. It will be greatly appreciated.

Keep in mind this is a demo, so the “ending” is pretty disappointing, and you may get frustrated by the fact that there are no health pickups. But. Try to have fun with it and find glitches. Its fairly large for a demo, so there may be some hidden things that you could try and look for.

Input, comments, and questions are all welcome.

sounds good, downloading

AWESOME. Very faithful to the GBA games, but…
1: How the HELL are those controls comfortable for you?! Customizable controls at least, that would be nice. Or instead of X being shoot, you could have D shoot.
2: The beam sprites are a little weird, especially because they leave blank spots (they’re smaller than the speed they’re traveling, which looks nasty. Instead of spheres, how about ovals?)
3: The screen is a bit small on high-res monitors, a fullscreen option that at least doubles or triples the size would be AWESOME.
4: You need to get those health pickups soon, the game got very difficult very fast.
5: The enemies are way too repetitive and sometimes even annoying, especially the zombies which you had to shoot 829525 million times before they gave you 8435345 damage.
But I LOVE everything else, the graphics are awesome, the physics I have no problem with, and the the sound? I don’t have speakers so I can’t say anything about it, but I’m sure it rawks the sawks.
Very great work.

Good points. And I am currently addressing each of them, trust me.

  1. Controls. Ah. Yes, I am working on customizable controls. I just have it set up that way because, strangely enough, that was the best way it seemed at the time, but I understand everyone is different, so that will be in the next build, for sure.

  2. I will mess around with the sprites. I am not sure what you mean by the size/speed thing, and about how they leave blank spots … could you elaborate on this?

  3. I actually have a working option to resize the screen from 100%, to 200%, 400%, and full screen. I just have not put it in seeing as how I am still working on all the pause menu stuff.

  4. & 5. Yeah. As far as the zombies go, there is an error in there, for some reason their collision mask stays there even after you killed them, until the dying animation ends. I need to fix this. I also need to add the health pickups. As far as the enemies being repeated, well, thats all I have at this point >.> But more will come soon.

Also. About the sound. Get speakers. Because the sound like, totally adds a whole lot to the game. Anyways. Thanks for the review.

The crashed ship sprite is awesome!

Maybe you should put a Invincibility debug code in it so we can appreciate it’s beauty without the inconvenience of dying :wink:

The beams kinda skip over a few pixels while traveling. Looks like their speed is at 32, but their image size is only 16, meaning theres a space of 16 pixels that the beam skips while traveling. This’ll become VERY apparent at lower framerates, plus it looks kinda sloppy.

Okay, yeah, I totally understand what you mean. I will change up the sprites and possibly adjust the speed. Thanks for pointing that out.

And as far as the invincibility goes, yeah, I may put some hacks or maybe even make a command line menu or something, I dunno. We will see.

Also. About that ship sprite. That thing took me FOREVER to do. I am gonna add some stuff to it, like smoke and sparks and whatnot, to make it more evident that it had just crashed. Also, maybe make the window in the front flicker. Lawl.

Yea little sparks that fly out and hit the ground. Maybe petrol or something leaking?
And smoke coming from the back. And fire.
Particles make a game so much cooler.

put in easter eggs like a tiny p2d logo somewhere

‘Put in easter eggs’ takes the entire point of easter eggs out of the game.

The above statement is quite true. But apparently you didn’t read my first post, wonder. Hint Hint.

Anyways >.>

The leaking petrol thing is a nice idea, Ikarus. I’ll see what I can do.

Ok, I’m totally lost, but that’s beside the point. I found a glitch. After I started playing, I went to the right of the ship before going to the left. Being curious, I decided to get into that little crevice at the farthest right. It’s a little above ground level, and is as far as you can go before hitting a wall. So then I accidentally planted a bomb, while still holding right. The result was me flying through the wall and hitting the side of the screen. I couldn’t move, and couldn’t see myself, because I was in the wall. I’m not sure how you would fix this, however. But if you try it out yourself, I think that the same will happen.

Ya i finally got past the room with zombies and theres a few things i can recommend.

  1. An energy tank in the room with no enemies, and a sectret tunnel underneath which you have to enter in the previous room.

  2. Zoomer things should be a little slower. At least as fast as they are in ZM.

  3. Same with Zombies. Much slower, as fast as they are in Fusion. So you have a chance to live lol.

  4. I rekon you should use MF beam sprites.

Add lots of custom things, I like!

I think this has got to be one of the best and definetly the hardest engine.

I feel really really stupid. I can’t even get past the third room, provided I’m heading the right way.

…Why the hell did you think these controls are a good idea?
Also, I’ve been stuck in the third or so room as well. For about 5 minutes.
EDIT: Having an enemy waiting for you as you walk through a door/jump onto a platform is the most artificial difficulty ever possible. Why the hell do you use that so often.
EDIT2: Standing inside an enemy makes you unable to hit it, for some reason…

My verdict: awesome engine, but get someone else to tell you how to set up the actual game. You seem to be lost for how to make a Metroid game difficult. Fast enemies with lots of HP and surprise attacks just don’t exist in the Metroid universe. Especially not on the first level. I won’t be impressed until you come up with better level designs.

Lawl. Yeah. I guess my enemy design and placement is pretty bad >.>

As far as level design, well, you need to look around the third room a bit more. Try bombing the floor rolls eyes … Anyways. I will fix said issues and upload a new demo soon. Maybe a set of physics rooms or something.

And, just so everyone knows, I know that my enemy design is not very good. Thats why I am having someone else help me with it. My main thing is graphics, and programing. So if anyone wants to help with level layouts and enemies, feel free to PM me. Thanks.

Oh, I got past the room by the time I started EDITting <_<

How do I get past the 3rd room. :confused:

Also i was in the 3rd room and i was just bombing around and i got Frozen in place on the left. :confused:

But don’t get me wronge this game looks good and sounds good. Good job. :smiley:

I played this. Very good. It’s better than anything I’ve done. You did a great job with the menu and things general. As said before, maybe change the shot.

Well, it was very atmospheric and good until just after I was given control, when I went to the right and got myself stuck behind the wall. The current track playing is insanely awesome, though. What’s it from?