Metroid: Earth Oddessy

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Recently I’ve been working on a new game based around space pirates coming to Earth. So far I have up till getting morph ball (the first Items) with a demo I will put up here shortly.



After her triumphant victory on Aether, Samus set back on her lengthy voyage to the Galactic Federations Headquarters. Meanwhile, distraught at their failed plan, the Space Pirates decided to get their own back on Planet Earth. An initial wave of 150 Space Pirate battalions battered Earths terrified defences. Their main target was a desolate Military base, known as Area 51. When Samus heard calls of this she put her ship into hyperdrive, and set course for Planet Earth, 3rd orbiting body of the Milky Way Galaxy…


(There is a demo now you can find lastest here:

Updated: 16/01/2005


Cursor keys - Move
X key - Jump
Z key - Fire Power Beam
R key - Restart current room
H key - Hide the interface

Screenshots (11 in total): (Updated: 05/05/2005)

Recent additions: Title screen

Yeah yeah you probably all seen on SCU but anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ll be darned, havent seen all of those screens yet.

Wow! Looks nice, knight33. Can’t wait to play it.

err… meant full game. Heh.

Thanks :^_^:

There’s a demo in case you didn’t see!

As usual, it’s looking sexier than a bag of nipples. Keep it up, Kay Twee Twee.

Knight, your link doesn’t work…

Yeah try using your brain and removing the bracket I accidently entered :unamused:

Or you could get off your lazy ass and fix it yourself.

Don’t bother, I just did it.

no you didn’t i fixed straight after i did that post…

which was 30 minutes earlier :unamused:

No, you didnt. It was still part of the link when I fixed it. You must have thought you fixed it but didn’t do it right :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Knight, I played your demo and I think It’s awsome!

Screenshots look very nice!!

I love it! The game works smoothly and the storyline fits, keep up the good work!

Well, it’s good, but has some major bugs. And i didn’t like the button settings; i like to shoot with X and jump with Z. And the “between doors”-sequence was a bit long. Don’t think i don’t like it; i do (like it).

If he actually finishes it, he’ll probably have button edit.

this game is super awsome knight33!!

Way to revive a dormant topic… And make a new demo Knight33! If you did that consistently then this topic wouldn’t even be close to dormant.

Well that’s the curse of doing too many things at once. With a websites, games, graphics and stuff I always get derailed you see…I mean I know my game is popular but I just do too much :frowning:

Stop doing everything else and just work on this demo. That includes posting in this topic. And reading this. Get back to work!

is this metroid a sequal to any metroid game :confused: