metroid dread: does it exist

oh god in hell i hope so. i loved fusion, even though it contained a homosexual computer, and i hope the sequel gets done… well i could make it, but i would have 2 learn about stuff like programming. or use gamemaker… i suck at that, so probably not.

No cuz Big N’ sez so. It was actually cancelled.

They never said that. It was never confirmed, then it was removed from the lists, then it was confirmed as being “a possibility”, then it was ignored for a while, then it got re-confirmed again, and now it’s up in the air again.

yeah, its a maybe thing.

also, does everyone agree with me that the 2d metroids are better than the 3d ones? even though prime 1 is really good.

I perfer the 2D ones too. But only if the 2D ones were a lot longer.

yeah the 2d ones are more fun sometimes. maybe cause you dont have to think as much :slight_smile:

Possibly. The 3D ones were more complex, and with the new things Nintendo is adding to Prime 3 (namely aiming manually while moving) it’ll be alot worse. Besides, nothing beats a good sidescroller in my opinion.

yeah. i do think that partly the simplicity and the fact that most of us were USED to sidescrollers before the primes came out makes them more fun.

Ive never heard of this before but i hope they make it, we need more metroid games

Personally, i hope it doesnt come out for the DS. I hope it comes out on Wiis VC.

it should if they call it metroid apocolypse.(did spell that right?)
samus having memories of her childhood,headache cutscene kinda stuff,with chozo.
ridley attacking a colony,samus’s fist bad memory scene.add some big splodeyness and more explopring than in metroid 2,id asplode form the sheer awsomeness

i really hope it comes out on SP cause i dont want to HAVE to buy a new system to play any new metroid game. (DS or Wii)