...Metroid Dread after all? :O


Sure, it could just be a coincidence like “metroid hunter-ds” and “lab Aether”, but eh, never hurts to wonder…

Yeah, I saw that. I’ll keep an eye out for the “Dread Scans” when I get MP3 tommorow…

There will be hell to pay if they’re just screwing with us. <_<

how can u people get the game first instead of the uk

it pisses me off

but if u get it imported u still can’t play it because the Wii has got a regional lock on it :confused:

Japanese-made games go to Japan first, then either UK or America (though I can only think of one time where UK came before America). Metroid Prime, however, is made in Texas. Therefore, we get it first of all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh thanks daz :smiley:

Wow, that’s very interesting.

I really think it might actually be a subtle hint, AT LEAST that it’s still in development.

If not, Thanks retro, you screwed our hopes over.

That scan is MUCH more convincing that the Metroid Hunter.DS scan or whatever. Metroid Hunter.DS could have just as easily referred to Dark Samus.

I honestly don’t think Retro would screw with us like that- it’s not their style. I’m hopeful that Dread really IS in some sort of development, and that we’ll get our 2D Metroid before the DS’s time is over.

It could be poking fun at the speculation. >_>

Meh, sadly, you could be right, but on a forum like this, you can’t blame us for being hopeful.

I guess it’s sort of unlikely that Retro would even know if it was SECRETLY in development.


15$ so far. 35 to go. Get 20$ next weekend. Get 20$ the week after that, but I can’t wait that long.

It’s really sad when my dad wont let me get a job, and I have no other method of income. If I REALLY wanted money, it wouldn’t be hard to get (at my school, drug dealing is the occupation of everyone who doesn’t have a job), but I just don’t roll that way, and never will.


If there is a dread, I hope it’s got hand drawn sprites, and not pre-rendered ones.

I never heard of the “metroid hunter-ds” scan anyway. What’s that about?

It’s a scan in the Hyrda lab. There’s a “Hunter Metroid-dl” scan right next to it. Personally I don’t think it means anything.

Heh, found the dread scan last week. I don’t remember seeing any other random Pirate projects (something I missed a little in my play through, but maybe I just wasn’t reading enough scans), so Retro must have been referring to the Metroid Dread rumor… but whether they’re just poking fun at it or not, who knows. Maybe Project Dread was the in-company codename for MP3, and someone added it in near the end of the development as a joke. The player would be “nearing the final stages” of the game when they read it as well.

Hell, there was only like one other scannable panel in the whole area, so I don’t think you missed much.

That’s the one thing I really miss from the first Prime–every panel in the pirate base said SOMETHING. Here most can’t even be scanned.

Ouch, that’s not cool. I liked that too. When they’d just spew random information that made the pirates more interesting. Even MP2 had alot of nice random logs and stuff.

Anyway, I’m getting the game tommorow hopefully. Gamestop said they’d be getting a shipment, so hopefully I can pick it up after school.

Even then, I can’t play it until the weekend. >_<

Coming October I won’t be able to play it for about 3 months so I’ll be feeling some Metroid withdrawl D:
I’m going to Job Corps for 2 years two finish up my schooling and get trained in a trade, Computer Service Tech to be precise. I love working with computers =3

Okay enough OT banter from me any information on what system this is going to be for? GBA-SD or DS I mean IF they haven’t canceled it.

Will there be anymore Metroid games for sure?

Yeah, they WONT kill the metroid series here. AT LEAST A sequel to Fuzion has to happen. As one of Nintendo’s staple franchizes, I think metroid will be around as long as Nintendo is. I don’t see any reason for them to kill it after a great game.

Honestly I hope the end is near as far as new Metroid games are concerned.
After Dread that is. I don’t want the series to become a Nintendo cash cow.