Metroid: Decent to zebes

go to and click on

Its not a normal metroid game. you fly around in samus’s ship. try it, its pretty cool.

cool game zachtroid it was fun :smiley:

Why don’t you link directly to the file :confused:. There is a delete option right there! Or do you need to “log in” to use delete?

EDIT: I just played it, and have a few comments.

  1. The enemies coming from the bottom of the screen rarely leave enough time to move out of the way.

  2. Samus’s ship movement is quite slow, and this makes it hard to dodge.

  3. It gets harder very quickly, due to the fact that it is short(I beat it in just 2 or 3 minutes!).

  4. It has very little, almost no, replay value.

Not to mention he must have taken 10 minutes to do it, since it is just a effortless mod of the 1945 example game that comes with GameMaker.

Trust me, It took alot longer than 10 minutes.
And if you dont like my game, thats your problem, I am leaving this up because there are some people who like the game. Its not made to be every1’s favorite game, its just a “I’m bored, mabe I’ll play that one game” type of game. :^_^:

well zachtroid i like it :smiley:

THANKS! Ya see theres at least 1 person who likes my game!

In the words of Jay Sherman (The Critic): It Stinks.

Good effort though.

I think there nothing wrong with it…

Yay! 2 people like it now! Thats ok aura, no1 has to like it!

And to all of you people who think I did that game in 5 minutes, think again. It accualy took me about 2 weeks 2 lern how to make it, find sprites and make new lavels.
Oh, and dont bash my game! I dont go around telling people that thier games suck!
(that last part not to aura, atleast aura said “good efert though”)

I believe in being brutally honest (though I kind of was soft here since this is your first “attempt” which I can let ALOT slide). If I think it’s a good effort, it’s a good effort. I’m not (and the following is not directed to anyone here, nor am I accusing anyone here of the following just please remember that) some phoney who goes “U R GOOD THAT GAME IS AWESOME! KEEP GOING!” No I simply cannot be like that nor do I want people to do that to me.

When my game comes out I want people to tell me it sucks. I want people like Daz to go “FUCK WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE THE MOTHER BRAIN HELPING SAMUS ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MORON?! GOD THIS GAME SUCKS”. I want to be torn apart, so I know what needs to be fixed and what’s fine. If people tell me a stick figure game I made is good, I’m definately gonna continue like nothing’s wrong (note this has happened before which is why I took a four year break from forums before starting my own). People need to be honest, so I’ll be honest. I’ve been to forums where people have banned me for making a constructive three page post telling the person the game sucks and why they shouldn’t make games anymore. No, this stuff is something you need to hear, and you will hear it one way or another. No one ever improves on good complements alone. You need the bad ones to help polish the rough edges.

Sorry for my rant there. I really do think it’s a good effort even if you copied the 1942 game and just changed sprites around. It shows you’re learning and hopefulyl your next game won’t be a rip off.

It’s the 1945 game, not 1942.

Whatever, they’re the same thing.

Not at all. 1942 is a kickass NES war game based on the Battle of Midway. 1945 is a cheap GM space invaders clone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can tell its your first attempt, but still, it could use more customization, make it more “your own game.” Nice try though zachtroid. Keep at the engine and you might get it… (even though I can’t :stuck_out_tongue: )

right know, I am adding a boss. The space pirate mothership!

I agree with Gold Leader. All good games have something that just separate them from the others. This game needs your flavor and insight, as well as creativity.

Mabe I should ad a story line!

Yeah. That would really help…

DUH! God, somtimes I can be pretty stupid!