Metroid: Dark Outbreak

As some of you know, Dark_Samus posted a very good
and unique plot on another topic. And with his permision,
I desited to build a game on this. I am using my best game engine,
and some very tallented spriters, programmers, and musicians
giving me a hand or two. When the demo is out (which will be very soon!)
I hope you all enjoy it. Hold on to your shoes because P2D is going
to have some stiff competition with this game! :smiley:


Metroid: Darkness

Unique Plot?!?! You call the Ing surviving even with Dark Aether gone and the luminoth calling back Samus to finish them off a unique plot?! :O_O:

That was some 2 second idea that popped in my head. I assumed you were only joking about even making the game…

In any case, best of luck to ya, although you will have to forgive me about being skeptical that this will ever be finished.

You will need TGF or MMF to play, believe me, its worth it.
This game can and will blow P2D and Metroid: Xenic
away into the dust.

EDIT: Demo 1 is out! Demo is avalible on my first post!! :smiley:

What, what? I said nothing here. Why are you looking at me funny?

Pwned. I won’t say Metroid: Phazon is better than P2D, but it still should be a good game. If people think it’s better than Xenic, then fine. If not, that’s okay too.

Just don’t say your game is more awesome than anything else until you have sufficient proof. ANd CF is right, stand-alone .exe files are better than having to download a program to run it.

Although I do agree that saying it will be better than P2D or Xenic is a good idea, just dont swear like that, I understand if you have anger issues (like me) but its posting not talking, unless your an extremely quick typer dont swear, I think you can controll your language in text, maybe not in speach (and you also insulted him there…never call someones (work) a peice of crap, unless it really is crap a Mona-Lisa made of crap smeered on a wall…not that, makes me hungry…

I am waiting for .exe version, my parents won’t let me download TGF or MMF.
Dragon, don’t claim something without actual proof, CF cool it.

This game was the worst Metroid fangame ever!

Fucking Rip Graphics and the game engine,animation and everything was bad.

… you DO know it was only a demo…right?

I think you mean bad idea in that first part of that run-on sentence, and crap is not a swear word. If you’re offended by words like that, stay off the internet. CF was merely putting his emotions in the post to show people how angry he was.

Anyways, I completely agree with CF. No one has the right to say that their game is better than another, especially when their game is very close to nothing. I was just as annoyed at Dragon’s original post when I first read it.

lol, it looks like someone finally figured out this game was a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:
So P2D peoples and Xenic person, cool off I was joking!
lol, great game everyone should play it lol. :laughing:

Then perhaps you should think more about when and how to joke.

…dot dot dot…

Dont take everything so offinsive, lighten up. :confused:
I just said it would blow your game into the dust,
how you find that offisive???

Anywho, Demo 2 is coming soon so keep an eye out.
in demo 2, explore the caverns of planet galix472 (not official name)
and find out how the Ultimate Phazonic X infused Kraid DNA ridley
infected metroid prime came into being. And figure out where the phazon
originated from. :O_O:

Meh, I was having a bad day. Sorry for the rant. Its just that I work so very hard at my game all by my self pretty much, and then you post something you made just now and say it will be better.

Joke or not, it still pissed me off. Key word pissed, past tense. I dont really care anymore.

Cant play this game though, dont have TGF of whatever.

Edit :: Two things.

A. Phazon was created by the Metroid Prime. Well thats my theory anyways. He was stuck in an asteroid, a normal Metroid, and then he evolved and what not, and created Phazon to feed on or something. I read that on Samus.Co.Uk, I think.

B. Ultimate Phazonic X Infused … I dont remember the rest but what?! Are you jokin again?

lol, no problem, ignore the PM I sent you. :>_>:
Yeah, that phazon ridley kraid X thing was a joke.
In reallity this whole game is a joke.

i always didn’t like the Ing and the Emperor Ing they get on my nerve all the time. expect when the annilator beam+light becon you known whay happends

Is that an insult phazo suit!!? :stuck_out_tongue: