metroid creature fights

round one!

baby sheegoth vs. grenchler

round two!

zoomer vs. green kralee

for round one, i think that the grenchler would win because it is more viciouse and agile.
for round two, i think that the zoomer would win because it has more defense.

do you have an opinion on these fights?,or a fight of your own?if so, please reply! :smiley:

for round 1 I think a baby sheegoth would win.

for round 2 I think the zoomer because I have no idea what a green kralee is.

any reason why the sheegoth would win?

round three!

puffer vs. preed

round four!

mp2e war wasp vs. chykka baby(not the swimming one)

for round three,i think that the preed would win because it is made of metal.
for round four,i think the war wasp would win because it can shoot.

I actully got the same opinion on 3 & 4!

round five!

skreibat vs. skree

round six!

betlee vs. splinter

on round five, I think the skree would win cause when a skree its a wall/floor it won’t die, bur skreibats do, but skriebat can aim, but a skree only flies diagonal.

for round six, i think the betlee would win, but I don’t know why, I just think so!

same for me.

round seven!

flaahgra vs. amorbis(all 3 worms)

round eight!

elite pirate vs. ingsmasher

for round seven i think that the flaahgra would win because of its scythes.
for round eight i think that the elite pirate would win because of its shielding.

for round seven, flaahgra because it can only be hurt by bombs!
for round eight, i have no idea!

round nine!

sheegoth vs. grapple gaurdian

I think sheegoth becuase it can only be hurt by intens heat or a massive fire blast

same here.
are we the only ones posting at this topic?

round ten!

ing possesion cloud thingy vs. x virus

i think that the ing would just possess the cool would that be?!

funny i thought of the same fight as you!

No I can post!
I think the X would win because it could infect the Ing cloud.

Round Eleven: Quadraxis VS SA-X

Round Twelve:Hunter metroid VS Alpha metroid

Who do you think would win?

Quaddy and Alpha, obviously. The SA-X has brute force, but it can’t think. Quaddy requires a lot of thinking to beat. As for the metroids… Alphas are much stronger. A bit less range, but more health and damage…

Lol I was thinking along those lines…
another one:

Round Thirteen:Queen Metroid vs Metroid Prime

Round Fourteen:Phantoon vs Parasite Queen

Who do I think would win? I’m not saying…

The SA-X can’t think?

Adam says the X have intelligence.

How does the SA-X manage to track Samus down and trap her, everywhere she goes? How do the X know to retreat after awhile when they realize Samus can absorb them?

The answer is simple - they’re sentient. They can think.

ten : ing poison thingy!

eleven: quadrix

twelve : hunter because it can attack like 30 foot from it’s target, but they are both metroids, so why fight?

thirten : metroid prime because (s)he can only be hurted by the phazon beam!

fourteen: parasite queen.

round fifteen!

dark metroid vs. gamma metroid

round sixteen:

zeta metroid vs. fision metroid

fifteen: gamma metroid

sixteen : fision metroid because when it split up you have to have the right attacks, but if both are red, zeta could take them with flame balls!

Yes, the X do have intelligence. They get it from the creatures they possess. Daz is saying the SA-X doesn’t seem to know how to fight and just shoots and jumps around randomly [/exaggeration]. Quadraxis isn’t going to be defeated by just that. Plus the SA-X doesn’t have the spider ball anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if all of the Sa-X got in a fight vs. quady they could take him in seconds…

Metroid vs. Space Pirate: Metroid wins…

Omega Pirate vs. Thardus: Omega Pirate 'cause he is smarter and probably has some sort of vision capabilities.

Nightmare vs. Quadraxis: Nightmare… it can control gravity people!

they still need the spider ball, dur

aren’t puffers and preeds the SAME THING?
gamma and fission metroids would win.

preeds are mechanical copys made by he luminoth.

round 20!

kraid vs. ridley

i think that ridley would win because kraid is brainless.

dude, that should be round seventeen, duuhhh


seventeen: see metroidkid’s ppost!

i saw three unnumbered fights.duuhhh

where, matey?