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Top-down Metroid

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About the project…

A little over 2 years ago, I made a very primitive engine using only the keyboard for controls, making my own terrible sprites for Samus, projectiles, and other objects, tilesets from Super Metroid and space backgrounds from… well, all over the internet. The result was a terribly clunky engine that sat on the shelf for a few years. Until…

I was digging through my old games and I came across something I had named “Metroid Coven.” I was checking it out when I realized that underneath all of the terrible quality was an idea. Since my skills with GM had improved, I was ready to turn the project into my all-time-consuming hobby. Before I knew it, I had 4 or 5 people working alongside me, a paid-for website, and a primitive Tech Demo available to the public. Even since then, the project has grown immensely.

The past year or two with Coven has been a roller coaster, what with hard drives going bad, team members leaving without notice, lack of interest/motivation, lack of time and a plethora of other problems. As you can see, the project lives on, despite having stopped development 5 or 6 times for months at a time.

Today, I am working on the new AI Demo. Version 2.0 of the technical demos has brought some much-needed attention to the game’s long-term issues, such as bizarre resolutions, lack of options, fullscreen, sub-par graphics, lack of content and more. 2.0 Will really bring the game to life. However, life always takes precedent, and it is at this point the project is a glorified hobby. Will I ever kill the project permanently? Never. Will I ever remove the website? Not if I can help it. Will I still accept team members in the future? Of course. Will I ever finish the game? Simply, yes. It is all a matter of time. All I can do is thank my friends, family, fans and people who have helped keep the project afloat and work on the game when I can.

With that, below are some content previews that I am sure you want to see more than a lot of text and links.

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More information…

To find out more information and find download links, head over to the main topic on the GMC forums ( or the project’s official website (



That’s actually really impressive. Definitely a breath of fresh air after the types of things that usually get put here.

Might be a good opportunity to flex my pixel art muscles again, but with it being August and all I probably won’t have the time for anything too serious.

Nice! Thanks for the kind words man!

Pixel art you say? That’s a term that will get my attention :smiley:. If you would like to make some for me, feel free to hit me up at!

What you doing for music? I am happy to help with that! :slight_smile:

I actually have too many composers than I know what do with! If you still wish to sport some of your work, you can always send me some samples to

Looks cool. I was thinking of doing an over-the-shoulder type metroid game that I think would play similar to this. Never got around to doing anything with the idea though.

Hey guys. Long-time no update! Just popping by one last time to let you guys know that I am exclusively posting updates on my website, YouTube channel and on Twitter from now on. I may look into just ONE forum to post on (Probably the one that is most active). Keep an eye on my website for that.

You can find my website here:
You can find my YouTube channel here:
You can find me on Twitter here:

Lately, I have been trying to push most of the bigger features of the next demo out, like the new death animation, new items, and running the game through some serious optimizations. I am hoping to start putting out some real content this year. I am even starting to consider throwing out a lot of the feature bloat in the game and some pages on the website if it means I can speed up development and pull the game out of development hell.

However, I am in need a little bit of help, so if you are interested, I will be updating and bumping this thread in the very near future:

If you guys aren’t interested in my project, then you might at least be interested in a “Let’s Play / Review” series I’m experimenting with that is specifically focused on fan games. I’ll be posting the first one for Metroid: Father Hunt very soon.

If you have any questions for me, I sadly won’t be able to answer them here as I am trying to cut back on non-development-oriented activities as possible. That means trying to reduce the amount of forums I keep track of and post on. You can, however, shoot me a question on Twitter, on the Shoutbox on my website, or by email at

The longer I type this out, the more I sound like a TV commercial, but I am really just trying to get some closure with each forum and provide an explanation as to what’s been going on and where to keep following me.

Thanks for any support you guys choose to lend me :slight_smile:

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i didnt sleep, so i barely half read that, will do that later… after sleep

i just wanted to post to say its good to see youre still working on this
and that im tired as shit

How are things going with this project?

I believe it died as all the team kinda split up

I saw some updates on their Trello board in December of last year, so something’s still happening.

I saw something’s too but I wouldn’t hope on it, it’s a tough project to make

Poppin in to say hello! Forgot I posted here ages ago. Game still exists, you can find it and me on my Discord. But I plan on streaming the new Prime 2D demo tonight! Twitch

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