Metroid Core

I started using GM recently. I made a small
metroid engine named “Metroid: Core”. it
is my first okay Metroid Engine made
with GM too. There isnt very much on it
now, but here is what I got:

*basic Walking
*Sumersalt (appears like screw attack)

I know its not much but I will add more later on,
I might even make it a real game. :smiley:
All I want to know is if this engine is good
enough for some one that just started using Game Maker.


The screen doesn’t drop fast enough when you jump off a high ledge. I had to wait like 5 seconds before the screen came to where Samus was.

Other than that is it okay? The scren thing is easily fixable.

Well first of all, if it’s an engine shouldn’t it be a source file?
Sorry, when I tried it, it said “an unexpected error occured”

Hey, this is pretty good. Reminds me of when I first started Xenic. Now just get some aiming and weapons and room transitions, and you should be good to go. Nice job!

Wow, thanks!

I have added aiming too. SA-X sprites are
so limited I need to change them.

Hay could you help with paper metroid.Please :smiley:

Notice the time difference between posts… You could’ve just PMed him about that.

Oops :blush: sorry.

Keep up the nice work :smiley:

^Example of spam, bumping, and trying to get your post count up.

hey… he just wanted to compliment… dont be so hard.

about metroid core -
i noticed that when sa-x walks, his sprite is fine and then 1 frame he just jumps like 3 pixels foreward. also, when u jump and ur head runs into the ceiling, u revert back to the default frame for a second, making it look unusual.