Metroid Confusion

Scythe & Chiton are at it again! Only this time it’s got better effects! (Like the explosion in the beginning)

Does this technically count in this board? I think this is for the metroid GAMES…Correct me if I’m mistaken.

On-topic, I’ve been meaning to see that series but I forget repeatedly.

Confusion rocks, that’s all there is to it.

Yes, J, this belongs here.

It’s funny. Space pirates hunt Samus because she stole one of their Grandma’s cookies that she sent them.

EDIT: Wow, Dazuro and I posted at the same time.

I love metroid confusion! I will never forget that fraze, ‘‘Your standing in a metroid!’’

…Anyone want to drop me a link?

Metroid Confusion Part 1
Metroid Confusion Part 2 :wink:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: oh my god, that is just hysterical. Who does all the voices by the way?

The credits say so, I believe. Just some random fans.

That was freaking HILARIOUS! how did I not know about that?

Oh man…I’m still laughing about “This is start, this is stop, and this is how you control it. everything else plays whalers on the moon.”

Did you see the extras in Part 2? Did you get Samus’ special ending? Click on Samus at the “The End” screen and she’ll make a hilarious log. “Samus’ Logs blahblahblah. For the first time in my bounty hunting career, I lost to Space Pirates. There were only three of them, unarmed…”

Yano, her beam cannon change things aren’t ON the exterior of her cannon. I think she does different things with her hands/fingers to make the cannon change…yeah…I’m just saying it’s illogical…eh I’ll check it out.

I’ll be mindlessly shooting Metroids for a while now… (yep. modem)
Anyways, the first one is AWESOME! :smiley: I saw it last year, so maybe I should go watch it again…

Oh, and it’s even funnier to pause it at times and look at all the millions of jokes in the background…

Well, I’m going to go mindlessly shoot some more Metroids for another twenty minutes… (yep. still modem)


Woah! It’s done! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Comments after viewing: :smiley: Awesome! Now I’ll go watch it again and pause to see all the jokes… And commentary.

I see you like the :smiley: emoticon.

Illogical or logical, it’s still hilarious.

Me agrees!!! :slight_smile: I made my avatar based on the Metroid Confusion series. points

You should put a blatant advertisement in your sig.

Ick! The green one has no shading, you lunatic! O_O

I know. I suck at shading Green. I made that with MS Paint…maybe that explains it…

As many other P2D team members say, MS Paint is fine for spriting.