Metroid - Chaos Entry

Time: 2 years after Metroid Fusion.
Story: After her encounter with the SA-X Samus decided to give her life a break, she left for Earth, and that is where she stayed for two years, she still went on small jobs from time to time, untill she was called by a mysterious person she did not know who he was, all he was “The metroids are back…” He then hung up, Samus thought it was a prankster since many new she was the one who destroyed many of the metroids.
But all over she kept seeing the message, While she was on her computer, a pop-up displayed the message she closed it, but she kept getting them, her screen was flooded, she was afraid to check her mail but she did, she had only one message that read “The Metroids are Back…” She replied to the message asking who this person was, he replied “That is not important, You must destroy the Metroids…” She asked him what she needed to do. He replied “Meet me at the northern park in 6 days…” she replied to him, but he didnt awnser she kept repling but ther was no response.
+Basic Suit : The Basic Suit That Everyone knows.
+Varia Suit : The more advanced suit, a suit everyone also knows, but does not protect from heat and ice as in previous games.
+Fire Suit : A new suit that allows, samus to use the Flame Thrower and allows, her to stay in the hottest tempatures.
+Water Suit : A new suit that allows, samus to travel underwater, with no problems, also this suit allows samus to jet across water.
+Elemental Suit : A fusion of the fire and water suits, it also allows samus to control water, and send waves crashing down on her enemies, it does the same thing as with fire.
+Chaos Suit : A suit that allows samus to fuse with the shadows, hiding her from enemies, it also allows her to see in the dark with of course nightvision.
+Phantom Suit : A suit that can make samus Transparent, also it allows her to see Chaos Enemies, but when transparent she cannot attack solid things.
+Ultima Suit : This is the most powerful suit, it expels light from the area, and gives samus the ability to destroy all chaos enemies in the room(this is aquired in the last part of the game)
+Knife : A basic knife samus takes with her at the begining of the game
+Basic Beam : Comes with the basic suit.
+Flame Thrower : This item shoots out flames.
+Ice Launcher : This item releases a blue liqued that freezes on impact of a organic object.
+Tri-Beam : An upgrade to the basic beam, instead of shooting 1 beam it shoots 3.
+Energy Knife : Same as the basic knife except its stronger and has a longer range.
+Metroid Beam : This weapon steals the life draining abillity from the metroids, and uses it on other enemies.
+Phantom Gun : This weapon comes with the phantom suit and allows samus to attack solid objects when in transparent mode.
+Ultima Beam : The most powerful beam that drains the life of all enemies it touches, it also goes through enemies so it can reach other enemies.
+Maps : Maps duh.
+Energy Tank : Increases life
+Gravity Drop : Allows samus to jump higher
+Strength Enchancer : Increases damage
+Bomb : The classic bomb
+Power Bomb : The stronger bomb
+Energy Shield : A shield that protects samus for 10 seconds.
+Scanner : Scans objects for data.
600+ Monsters
60+ Bosses(almost all bosses from every game!!)
3-d Videos----Canceled(my 3ds max trial ran out… sigh)
All Metroids make apperance(including queen metroid)
Physics(gravity, mass ect)
FIGHT WITH SOLDIERS.(you can avtually fight with soldiers of Earth against the…oops almost gave a spoiler)
Patching system
Online Play

More Information Coming…

wow, thats a lot of stuff. How do you plan to do it?

300+ Enemies, 40+ Bosses.
All those items and suits.
I dont think you can do it. :O_O:

Im as optimistic as you can get about metroid fangames working, but I can’t ever see this one being close to getting finished.

Well just think of it as a real game made by the company, not that itis, its just going to have to take some work, like real games, made by companies, but since you all doubt i can do it, ill have toprove yall wrong, but now imust goto the store. bleh.

How will you do this exactly? Do you have a team or something?

if you want to call ita team ive got some good friends that are very good sprite artists, and one only does sci-fi sprites. the othe is a creature person, I will dothe 3d movie crap, and map and scripts, all that stuff, ill be using the gamemaker engine.

Well if its a buch of friends then they are probably much more reliable then any team you can create over the net.

I would like nothing more than to have
friends that would actualy take the time
to help with my game. They all say they want to help,
so I say that they are in the credits. Then I give them
jobs to do. Like make maps, ideas, plots, characters AI, ex.
But they never do their job and give me a BS excuse. :sweat:

heh, i sometimes have topay them but they get the job done bleh.

you should make explanations about the items you made up so people know what is going to be in the game.

K I added descriptions for items.

Well, it sounds good. I like the idea of the game but
it will take a very long time to finish. I am surprised
P2D’s demo isnt out yet. School is almmost here!

Heres a 3d pick of one of the bosses

Its a beta motherbrain

all I can say is…awsome

It looks great! Keep up the awsome work.

umm…for a game like that a few friends are not enough…

maybe your right maybe your wrong, who knows we will find out later, oh and thx to those who like it? :slight_smile: Im working on mother brain in her mech thing, right now should be done soon.

Bleh double post but heres a pic of mother brains mech thing inactive so legs arehidden under the ground. IVe also decided(if you noticed her mdoel changed) to keep the model this way for her.

This game would rock if it was in 3D.