Metroid: Bounty - Demo Updated!

This is Metroid: Bounty! I confess, it has no real plot yet, but what it lacks in plot, it MORE than makes up for with a very robust engine and unique gameplay!


Here are some fine, fine screenshots:…_2007_tim-2.png…_2007_tim-3.png…_2007_tim-4.png…_2007_tim-5.png…_2007_tim-7.png…_2007_tim-8.png…_2007_tim-6.png

Here are some of the many many features in the game:
A detailed map system for locating your location.
Unique, upgradeable beam weapons that stack on top of each other.
Beautiful detailed particle effects
Lots of 3-D effects and sprites
Lock-on targeting system
Mouse-controlled aiming
Super Metroid style Scan Visor, for collecting information about the environment

A wide assortment of traditional and brand-new Metroid series items:
Traditional items:
Screw Attack
Space Jump
High Jump Boots
Missiles + Expansions
Speed Booster + Shinespark
Morph ball + Bombs
Power Bombs
Grapple Beam
Scan Visor

New Items:
Sonic Beam (Bounces off walls)
Leech Beam: (Heals Samus)
Annihilation Beam (Triples beam strength)
Beam Power Boosts (Boost beam strength by 20% each)
Time Suit & Ghost Suit Upgrades


Q: I just got the morph ball and high jump boots. Now what?
A: Go back up to the room before the room where you learned how to scan.

Q: There’s a beam upgrade over the main passage in this tunnel and I can’t get to it!
A: Try shooting wildly all over the place.

Q: I just got the space jump, now what?
A: Go get the screw attack. Go back a room and take the upper door.

Q: I got to the bottom of a long vertical tunnel with a bunch of Rippers, and there’s a balance scale type thing. How do I work it?
A: Get the Grapple Beam. It’s not hidden particularly well or anything.

A: Try scanning the environment. Think hard about it for a moment.
BIG HINT: Try shooting something OTHER than the metroid.


First metroid attempt I see in here that doesn’t fail horribly.
Well, there was some others that weren’t bad, but they are so rare…

In any case, good use of the resources, even if sometimes, particles were a bit overused.

Minor improvements in the physics would be great, although they kinda work fine as is.

Now, go for the big prize, and do a decent AI, and you’ll have a killer app.

That looks VERY good judging by the screens… I’ll give you a review once I get done playing! :slight_smile:

This is AWESOME. I love the controls–and the lockon thing was ingenius. You went way overboard with the effects, pretty as they may be, though. I mean, she even has crazy particles just standing still, and the charge effect is overbearing as hell. The morph ball trail is sweet though–don’t touch that or you die. The new beams are quite interesting. And the Brinstar theme is really scratchy at times.

Whoah. Just got the Space Suit. This thing has the potential for really cool puzzles… let’s just hope you don’t pull a MP2 and underutilize it.

Edit: Okay. Dying crashes it horribly. >_>

O_O Drooltastickly awsome man. That is sweet! I don’t really like the fliying your ship around part… Or that the Morph Ball is so slow. I have problems undertsanding what the space suit does other than kill weaklings… Oh and just so you know… You can collect the Annihilation beam infinitly.


I love this game! For me it’s the best Metroid fangame I have ever played,
but there are a few glitches, and like Daz said it gives you lots of errors at times.
Particles look nice but you exagerated them alot. I mean, Samus’ suit isnt THAT shiny, charge beam really exagurated though. I like all the effects though.
My overall rating:


Fix those glitches and other various errors and you got yourself a truely awesome game.

WOW. You definitely have the first-glance appeal in your advertizing. When I first saw this I posted it in every chat window I had open before even downloading it.

So, lesse here…


  • The special effects O_O
  • The new, innovative items all rock
  • Scanning is nice (even if rarely needed/used)
  • Level design and demo length
  • Seriously, this is awesome


  • I seem to get a lot of weird errors while on the start menu, loading the game, dying, etc. It was a little annoying to get past them at first.
  • The effects are WAY overused. They’re incredible and everything, but… The charge beam doesn’t have to take up the entire screen, and everything is just really excessive. Try to make it more artistic, instead of just “hey lets add some more fireworks and motion blur squiggles and flying sparks for when zoomers move!!!”. Or, in other words, don’t use “iniquitous” and “nefarious” when “wicked” or “evil” sound better, especially when there’s a limit to how much vocabulary you can show off :wink:
  • Slow down from too much particle usage
  • This thing eats up my computer’s memory. You should get familiar with GM’s external file functions soon, because including all your resources in the executable for Game Maker basically means everything’s loaded at all times. Make the game any bigger and loading it will make your computer EXPLODE! Well, maybe not.
  • There are still some annoying random engine glitches that should be worked out. Like, I’ve made several jumps where I stand in the air, speedboosting between rooms doesn’t work without shinesparking before entering the next room, etc. etc. etc.
  • The second part of the escape sequence = No. >_____>

you know it is good, going to list just the few problems from top of head.

fix the gravity and running speed of course

really need to make the game faster (particles are cool and all…)

fix the downtime on the spinjump before you can jump again.

maybe make scanning without needing to look at keyboard

sound needs work

some minor tile work needed (looks like you are hovering), just make some of the tubes and stuff thicker

the giant metroid has a bug when you die, made an error with x (forgot to identify an object im guessing)

the message display needs to be shortened on the pause, or deleted for smaller things (expansions and etc.)

HIV for a monster? ebola

i will think of more for a later post, still testing, might notice more stuff later, or remember more, yaknow.

great stuff, just too slow because of gamemaker, and due to some natural aspects you put in the game. really, its good man!

Looked at the images… and they looked SWEET. Screw P2D!!!
Oh wait…

NO U!! :imp:


Pretty nice demo you got there, but or course there are things you know you need to work on.

Particle effect count = way too high. Pretty? yes, but any computer with anything less than a P8000 3,000,000 core processor (I think you get the idea) will be farting along at 5 fps (or 20)

Very impressive demo showcasing all the new features. Really digging the fluid morphball animation. Perhaps adding some transparency to the morphball trails and making them shorter (1/2 length) would make it perfect. Have to echo the gripe about the particle effects overload though. Slows to a crawl when using the charge beam. Did you make all this by yourself (if so, that’s some serious progress) or do you have a team/site working on this as well?

Some bugs I’ve noticed: Loading game gives some error messages (can be ignored to progress with the game), moving platforms causes you to fall through them instead of moving you along, unmorphing from ball form when still in a morphball tunnel leaves you stuck in the ground, morphball movement speed alternates between normal speed and very slow apparently at random, movement controls are rather “sticky” (may be just my keyboard but this does not happen on the metroid engine I made before).

Most of these bugs can be easily fixed and barely detract from just how awesome a demo this is!


That is all.

I agree with everybody, the effects are way too overused. It would help to add a help screen; going through all those needless tutorials are time wasting. Also, try this. Charge your beam and then save. Load your save (with those errors) and you will notice that your beam is charged even though you are not holding the mouse key down. Click again and you fire.

holy hell… that was a bitching demo… loved it. look forward to seeing the actual game next time :slight_smile:

0_0 wow I’m impressed

Very Impressed

So impressed that I shall congratulate you

Congrats on making a good game.

You can save? <_<;

Attention everyone!

I have recently updated the download, and about 75% of the bugs people have been mentioning have been fixed! Only a few minor things remain. I also made the particle effects less …“overdone” I guess.
(Whatever, I liked them before)

Please, I strongly encourage you to re-download the game if you liked it al all the first time! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Best damn Metroid fangame I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

The environments could use a bit of work, but other than that, holy crap.

Good freaking job.

Still just as awesome.

Still a billion glitches.
That beam upgrade over the tunnel or whatever? That’s either really glitchy or really stupid, but definitely non-Metroidy. In Metroid games, as soon as you find a hidden item, you know exactly how to get it. 4 indestructible blocks don’t help you with that.

I actually have to mute my volume every time I start the game because the music glitches out. Especially when I go through a door.

Your using Game Maker, right? I could so help you out with the room transitions. I have a stand alone system in GM for smooth room transitions. PM me if you want some help.