Metroid Aurora: Zero

I’m finally starting on Metroid Aurora… this time, however, I’m doing it in 2D… 16-bit… the origional plan was to use CGd sprites versus 16-bit 2D sprites… but I went and read Super Metroid Galaxy again, and decided to do my OWN 16-bit sprite comic… then I got to looking at the awesome sprites CloudVaris found and decided… OMG I WANT TO MAKE A GAME SO BAD!!! :O_O: so I downloaded Game Maker and am going to register it very soon… Unfortunately, I don’t have any spriting skills whatsoever and above that… I don’t know how to make GIF video files…

So… Wanna help?

I’ll be glad to help, but I wont do much unless you, yourself take some initiative. Yeah, I’m like that.

well on TOP of the ability to help a bit with GM, tiles, maps, MIDI, and all the other great stuff I volunteered for, I can also do some nice GIFs.

…hm, speaking of which, I should transfer GIF animater to this computer.

You should transfer it to MY computer… or tell me where to get a good gif-animator for FREE…

Go into Google, type in UnFreez. Good, free, easy to use. You can thank Dazuro for that one :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll help, I can make some sprites, just e-mail me the info at because I’m not very active on these forums… I want to know the storyline too because if you’re gonna get my help, I’m going to need to know if I even want to work on the project